Friday, December 15, 2017

First semester down and it's Christmas..Already?

Last time I checked in, Bekah was in Arkansas at JBU, Erykah was a senior and my two youngest were just being cutie pies 😗  Bekah came back to Texas (thank GOD!) and is now a Bobcat at TXST and yes, Erykah is a Baylor Bear- SIC'EM BEARS!- yes you have to say that when you mention the University's name 😉.  The two younger ones are still being cuties.  My niece is 1 now and she's the princess of the family, yes... the hubs and I have spoiled her.

Its been a great fall semester for the girls.  I cant belive its already over.  All finals have been taken and grades are coming in.  Its looking good.  My bear is home already and my bobcat will be here in a few days for 2 weeks. We are gearing up for spring and for competition season for Monikah.

My business has slowed down a bit.  Lots of hands in the pie in this town.  I'm ok with it...forced me to slow down a bit.  Need to make sure the important things have my 100%.  I do however need to restructure my business.

So if you're in business for yourself, how do you maintain organization and sanity?   I'm looking at things and I may have to cut out some stuff I no longer work on or focus on.  I'm not sure I really ant to cut the cord on some things but it makes no sense.

Either way, things will have to change so that I can be successful and produce great and high quality items.  Well, have a great day!

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Book of Life: Life Chapters

As the kid Eric in movie Mr. Magoriums Wonder Imporium said "All Good Books must come to and end, even the ones we love"  I find it somewhat bitter sweet to see not books but chapters ending leading to the next one where the "character" evolves.  Much harder for a mom I guess and yes even dad. 

Its been almost a year since I've posted something and I apologize for that.  I cant argue, I've been busy, my business has boomed! However my writing has taken a backseat and I need to let it come back to the front again...shot gun with my business and my family life!

So just to catch you up with things.  My oldest daughter Bekah has graduated from highschool.  Don't know if I already posted that or not, in case I haven't...yes, she graduated in May 2015.  She is now in Arkansas Studying Electrical Engineering at JBU.  It was almost a culture shock to her, I think.  But that's for another post. 

My second daughter is a Senior in Highschool and has just been accepted to Baylor University.  SIC'EM BEARS!!!  LOL...cant wait!  And well we have our two youngest...a sophomore and a Varisty Dancer...and my 8th grader who's also in her schools dance team!

And Now I'm an Auntie, well I already was but that was on my husbands side. This time it was my youngest brother and his wife who had a baby girl! She is the most beautiful thing and well, yes...I will spoil her!

And all the things that I learned as a new mom all the way up to now, started to just sort of flood me with a lot of memories...and nostalgia!  And well, I guess that's what led me to start back to writing.  I think this time around...I will just post up a lot of my own personal advice...experience from newborn to young adulthood.  yeah...its weird saying that.  My kids are young adults one is almost 20...OMG WHO SAID THAT?!  But all it  all its not bad.  And feel free to ask me questions.  I don't mind just don't get offended if I say something you don't agree with, like when I say ...YES.. I spanked my kids, not I don't think it's abuse.  I mean kids are just fine...HELLER... electrical engineering student and a future med student at Baylor.  Guidance...focus...determination.  We have to get the reins back.  I see to many kids now a days just walking around everyone.  So...That what Ill be writing about now.  Life is ever evolving...and now that my kids are older...and so far I have raised good kids...I think Ill write my own 'advice' column! 

Good night folks!  See ya later!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

So who prayed for rain?

If you're not living in Texas then you wouldn't know that the past 2 days have been a torrential downpour. Seriously, we might have made history as the largest state area that may have all been under a flash flood and tornado warning.

The rain is very welcoming, since we don't get much around here. But as someone said "Getting a years worth of rain in one day...eeh..not a good idea".

I ask that all my fellow Texans be very careful this next week.  It is predicted that the rain will still be around. Dont try to pass flooded roads and if you dont have to leave home...then stay home with your loved ones and cuddle, watch popcorn!  :)  Be safe.

Lots of hugs!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life doesn't get sarcasm...does it?

Late March, after we went to Ft. Worth for Monikah's dance comps, and after we were in an accident coming back home, Marty ended up in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks.  He had meningitis. Luckily for him it was the one you want to have if you get it, Viral Meningitis.

It had been something that looking back I remember little things, just little things that kind of just didn't go quit right...NWIM?  So when Marty came out..I said "Ok..I hope your finished...can we go back to living already?"

All seemed well...then on Mothers day...yes I said Mothers day...Marty woke me up at 6 am and said his side hurt..A LOT! I thought maybe acid reflux...maybe something I shouldn't mention but yeah I said it to him.  He went to the bathroom, came back..tossed a bit and sat up.  All the while I'm just like "LET ME SLEEP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD...ITS MOTHERS DAY!"  I didn't say it but I thought it.  I guess I must've fallen back to sleep because all of a sudden I hear him yelling from down stairs 'HOW CAN YA'LL STILL BE ASLEEP?!!" I'm thinking "well dang what time is it?"  and I looked at the clock and it wasn't even an hour later..maybe 7:20...then I hear him upchucking.

Oh what.  So I go downstairs and he is in pain..serious pain.  I'm also thinking "WHY?  WHY ON MOTHERS DAY?"  I sometimes feel like life is just really picking on me at this moment in time.  So we go to the hospital...ER... after half a day there...he is passing a stone.  It did take him a few days to pass it...he did end up in the hospital because his kidneys were actually starting to show signs of stress.  But he passed it.

A week Jesy is sick...fever running to the potty... headaches. That worries me.  Brings me back to when Marty had meningitis.  I think though that women/girls..even little girls..have a higher tolerance for pain.  Because for what my husband went through or at least what it looked like...he thought he was dying.  Jesykah is just there "My head hurts mama"  and looks at me with sad eyes.  So it seems like life doesnt get sarcasm.  when i said "I hope your finished?" to life I didnt think life would say "Oh...actually NOPE! Hang on...hows...THIS!?!"

As for me working...well only on small things.  Nothing major.  Trying to get things together for Monikahs pillow case.  Bekah has 2 weeks left of being in high school...and Im not sure this mama is ready for that. see what you have planned for us.  But make sure its nice to us please!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Who's the one trying out?

This end of the year I'm a ball of nerves.  Im nervous for my oldest daughter.  She will be graduating soon from High school and is already spearheading her university classes.  This girl is such a nerd.

Quantum Physics...she loves this stuff.  Physics, logarithms, MATH!  This is so she can study for her AP test and just get the credit for college and skip this course.  Her major... Engineering. 

So my baby girl is going to college :/ and I used to think I would be ready for this day but self now wants to go back in time and tell 15 yrs ago self  "pppghhttbb!!!  You're gonna hate it!!"  and kick her

Then there is the Kiksters...shes my 3rd child.  She is going from 8th grade to the High school 9th grade campus.  She is trying out for the highs school dance high kick drill team.  I'm so nervous for her.  I still see her so little...I still see the 5th my head she's going up against adults, event though those same kids...I've known for a long time already because of my older girls..and I want to tell each and every one of them to be nice to my girl!  But I cant. 

It's one of those fine lines that you just have to kind of slowly back away from.  You'd think that after 2 girls it would be easy, well I'm here to tell you...IT'S NOT.     Each child has different social skills.  While my oldest daughter will one day run fro president of the united states after having won the Ms. America Pageant, had a successful career in acting and the music industry... my youngest one will probably be the one behind her website...away from the crowds and the scene.  But that's another blog post. 

Well...2 more days for the kiksters to try out...I hope I'll still have hair by then...ill keep ya posted! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015


So...I went to the doc..haven't been feeling well.  And well he said what we all dread "Your fine, just over weight"  *sigh*  I know...I know.  Since moving back to Laredo in 2005  I've gained 60-70 lbs.  Laredo is not a city that makes you want to work out.  The climate is so harsh. When it summer you dont want to leave the house.  Opening the door to go outside is like opening the door to an oven set to 500 degrees!!!  That wind rushes at you and you feel like your energy has been sucked out of you!!! I hate the summers here.

Well, I have to set aside my hatred towards the heat of Laredo...and decided to get more active. FIL gave us all bikes for Christmas.  They have been sitting in our garage since that day :/  I know...sad.  So I bring out the one that doesn't make my butt look like I'm doing a yoga pose on a bike while trying balance myself.    Its a nice bike...pretty low to the ground.  It resembles something out of the '50's ..I like it.  So I pull it out.  Marty has taken he was at the park two blocks down from our house practicing his swing.

So Im getting on this bike...all confident. "Yeah..Im gonna go riding" .  My driveway has a slight slope and as Im getting on and taking off...I catch a little bit of speed.  So I put my foot on the peddle...and as Im about to push on it 'WOOOSH' my foot slips off!!!  I start to loose my balance.  Im wobbling worse than a horse that has just been born!!!  I cant find my feet to the floor...I cant get my balance and whats worse I'M HEADED STRAIGHT FOR A PARKED CAR ACROSS THE STREET!!! Im screaming in my head "NO NO NO NO NO!!! GOD THIS IS GONNA HURT!!!"  But outside all I can muster are some groans as if I'm some kind of living dead!!!  Whats worse is that the car Im about to collide with is being worked on by the neighbor...and his wife.

See this is what short people problems are.  Yes I chose the bike that I didn't need a 10 foot ladder to get on...but it was still a bit high.  I bet if I had long legs...I would have just been able to put my foot down and control myself...but no...IM SHORT! guess it... I CRASHED into the car.  And being so nice, I didn't want to damage the car...i turn the handle sharply and I propel my body to the car instead of the bike...and hit the car.  The neighbor looks from behind the hood like as if he just heard and over sized bee hit the car and was confused and says "Are you ok ma'am?'    I'm embarrassed..I get up..I'm trying to gather up whats left of my pride up .  I say "YUP...YUP..IM FINE!! THANK YOU"  In my head "ouchie that hurt."  and yes..I got banged up.  I feel like I hit a car now...oh wait I did.

Well, Im trying...I did go on ahead and ride...but damn...this exercise bit...its gonna kill me!

It doesnt look bad...but it hurts like heck.  I have other battle scars but I cant show them...they are in areas that will make you go me...I have battle wounds!  

Stay safe

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Know the signs....its not just a headache.

So a few weeks ago we had a scare.  It all started with some minor headaches for the Mr. here.  Well, he just sucked it up.  It was pressure here and there and what he described...sounded like a sinus headache...or allergies. That was a Thursday..we had to leave.  Our 8th grader was competing in Ft. Worth with her team for Dance Nationals.  (They won by the case you haven't read the last post...why havent you read that last post? :'(  )

So we leave...During that weekend...he complains.  We end up going to get meds for him.  He's taking Motrin, Tylenol, Asprin...NOTHING works, and I tell him "When we get home...straight to V.A. OK!"

So we have a little fun...leave Sunday Morning...and well on our way back home we were in a car accident.

You see that bus there...yeah that bus caused most of the accident.  What you don't see is a blue truck...he was the one that originally started it all.  See it was outside of Lorena, Tx.  There is construction on the Highway there.  An well traffic went form flowing really slowing down to almost an instant standstill.  Hubby put on his hazards...and the van behind us..stopped...BUT that blue truck..was busy on his phone...and BAMN...hit that van....and she hit us.  WELL...that bus driver..I dont know what he was doing cause he didn't slow down at all or even enough...and he hit that blue truck hit the van again...and the van hit us.  

So we were fine...thankfully.  We gave out statements and went home.   Monday came along and hubby still has the headaches...but they are a bit stronger...and now his neck is hurting.  Im here thinking "Its whiplash need to see a doc".  Next day I take his bp...thinking maybe he has some hypertension that's causing his headache.  BP 160/101  WHOA NELLY!!!  So we take him to the VA.  They gave him some bp meds and sent him on his merry way.

Well...later on that night...he wakes me up.  He now has a fever and is throwing up.  He cant walk well, he's dizzy and he is crying...yes, crying.  I've never in my entire relationship with this man, have I ever seen him crying because of pain or anything else.   He's telling me hes about to die.  Im like 'NO YOUR NOT GONNA DIE!'  and Im freaking out!  Call 911  and they come for him.

We the lobby for almost 11 hours.  yes you read that right...11 hours.  And then a doc gives him Tordol, a pain reliever.  Goes off all smug like he did us a favor.  Then comes back and says "Headache better?"  the Mr. says " change" his smug face goes away and a look of concern takes over.  He says to him "You might have meningitis" ... and sure as day.  He had meningitis.  Thankfully he had the one that is easy to treat.  The one that you WANT to have if you end up with it, VIRAL meningitis.  Poor guy...the Mr was in so much pain, was in quarantine for over a week.  He needed a spinal tap and well that made him feel it more.

So that's why I say Know the signs...I thought it was just whiplash.  But a headache like you've never had before...considered the worst headache you've had in your LIFE...stiff neck, fever, vomiting go straight to the E.R.   Marty got lucky...but this thing can kill you.  If it doesn't it changes your life forever.  

Be aware of these symptoms.  You could save someones life or even your own!!

Meningitis Awareness Ribbon