Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pumpkins and Witches

NEW NEW NEW!!! I have added new items to my etsy shop! Here you have a knotted bracelet made out of satin cord with polymer clay pumpkins and a witches hat, beaded along with swarovski crystals. The witches hat has been embedded with purple swarovski crystals too. This is a child's bracelet, but can be made to fit an adult.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blooming Butterflies

I have just loaded a new painting to my etsy shop! Perfect for a girly girl room!

Monday, July 28, 2008

No shades of Grey

Simply put BLACK AND WHITE! This is this weeks "Shades of Inspiration" challenge.

OOHH so Knotty!!!

My new satin cord knotted bracelets, that is. I have made this bracelet using pinks, creams and very light greys. It has a toggle clasp and the charms were beaded by me, myself and I. You can view this bracelet by clicking this link
I am in the process of making BTS bracelets of all colors and yes even some Halloween and Christmas bracelets!!! So check them out and add me as a fav store!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Golden Inspiration

This weeks Shades of Inspiration...GOLD!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Our little adventure at the beach, cause thats what it is and adventrue, is taking its twists and turns. We were all excited until we got to a Marquee sign saying " HURRICANE FORMING IN THE GULF! FUEL UP YOUR TANKS" Well you can only picture the look on Marty and I's face surprised and dissapointed. LOL...we had traveled nearly over 6 hours to be told by a HIGHWAY MARQUEE NO LESS that there was a "HURRICANE A COMIN'!" Well we weren't turning back now. I mean if it got bad we'd go inland to Houston or head to Austin maybe. Ok so we get here and we start to look for a hotel. Of course you can imagine the girls all excited. FORGET THE HOTEL, is what I pick up from them, WE CAN SLEEP ON THE BEACH! Well we find it. Today we get up early, a feat for me..., eat breakfast and then get dressed to go to the beach. It was all sun and glory...


We had some fun finding sea shells


Marty and the girls even build a sand castle...


here is the finished product


Then Dolly crashed our party


Can you see the way the cloud looks like a tail. We got the tail end of Hurricane dolly and you can see the rain in the distance. When I took this we thought it was pretty far. YEAH RIGH!!! I came down on us like in less than 30 minutes. Well we head back to the hotel and the girls went swimming in the pool ( it was an indoor pool). Later we started to drive around and we found a nice beach.. it was sort of private but it was nice. Oh and we found a little fella!


Did I mention that it was a LITTLE fella!!! Yeah thats my husbands finger...and he has BIG hands!!! This guy was small.

So far thats has been our little adventure. Tomorrow we head to Houston and go to the Galleria. I get to try on some ice skates for the FIRST TIME!!! Ill be taking loads of pictures!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I haven't done this a while, and it shows. I'm a little rusty in packing our suit case for a weeks vacation. Today my husband trots into the house after mass, and 3 hours of MIA (a whole other blog post that I wont get into really) saying we are taking off for vacation this week! WHOA THERE BOY!!! I still have laundry I'm washing, what do you mean this week? So there ya have it, we are taking off possibly tomorrow morning. So the past 3-5 hours I have been sitting in my room with my laptop switching from finishing the laundry to checking online rates for hotels and what to do at our destination. We had first set out to drive a nearly two day trip to Florida...but decided against it...HURRICANE SEASON! Then we thought maybe the GRAND CANYON! That's ok...I've seen my fare share of pot holes...hey I live in TEXAS! So we decided to stay in Texas and go to the beach. Then nearby to Houston to go to the Zoo, the museums and around the areas there. Maybe we will swing by Round Rock visit Ikea and pick up a new sofa ;0) My DH, Marty still has a lot of "I'm sorry" to do for what he put me through today....again that's a WHOLE other blog that I'm not getting into.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pink and Green

Through a good friend, Amelia, I have found a great way to challenge my photographic eye. Shades of Inspiration...there is a banner on the right side of the blog. Its a great way to take pics and edit them to my taste AND that fits with the challenge. So this one is on green and pink. I have this beautiful tree...dont know what its called, Im not a garden type of person, but its beautiful. Its got a hot pink bloom to it:

Well I have a new computer and I have not bought and downloaded my editing program. So this is as best as I can post it. I took some other ones. Enjoy and have a good week!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

WAIT WAIT!!!! Playing catch up..

Man oh man...July started and now its in its second week! Just to catch you guys up on what my life has been. It all started with getting ready for our 4th of July fest! My husband and his brother own some carnival rides. So we set them up and guess well we did ok, despite the fact that the GOOD Lord was teasing us with wind and rain! Yeah GOD...hes a funny one! hahaha

Well here you have Monikah, Jesykah and Erykah riding down one of the jumping castles...not ours..that the city provided for free. They had a blast. I mean it was a water slide jumping castle, and all they could do was go up and one way down, but I mean they rode that thing for hours and hours on end. It was a great baby sitter really! LOL

Rebekah here just splashed her way down and look at her she is soaking wet. It was pretty good, the fest that is. There was a dog costume contest and there were some really adorable doggies there. All decked out in their patriotic costumes...but I couldnt take many pics because I was busy manning the booth taking money from parents. OK...that didnt come out right..LOL...but tech. I was taking money from their kids could get on our rides. Down side to it...I worked on my birthday. NO...IM NOT A 4TH OF JULY BABY! Nearly was, but I missed it by 2 hours. IM a July 5th BABY and a bi-centennial baby at that! So I always know how long ago the Dec. of Indep. was age PLUS 200 years!!! hahahaha Now if you are asking...I turned 32. No Im not shy at telling my age, I think its an honor that I have made it so far to 32....age is just a number, its how you feel inside. Besides...women are like wine. The more we age, the finer we are! LOL however, to compensate for my working on my birthday, my husband and my parents and my kids along with a dear friend of mine....OOOHH AND MY BROTHER and his girl friend...all took me to my fav rest of all time...THE OLIVE GARDEN! I love that place. Here we are in no particular order at the restaurant.

So here we are from left to right...My parents, Marty and I, Milly and Steve and Roger and Mariecruz

Well I have more photos...but that will be another post...and if I can get them puter is acting up...actually I think its my camera conflicting with my puter. Ok till next time!!! BYE!

So here I am

This is where I will now be posting my blog stuff. Things are getting so ridiculous gas and electricity wise! I nearly had a stroke and heart attack when I saw our electric jumped from 12.3 cents per KWH to nearly 20 cents per KWH in about 3 months. So this month we got a bill of over 600.00 for a small 1500 sqf home! OOOHHH IM FUMMING THATS FOR SURE!!! Whatever...head up high and only look forward. I just hope things get better. So this is now my new home! So please change it if you have me on your links list on your blog. I will soon change it on my website. Well...till next time...