Sunday, July 20, 2008


I haven't done this a while, and it shows. I'm a little rusty in packing our suit case for a weeks vacation. Today my husband trots into the house after mass, and 3 hours of MIA (a whole other blog post that I wont get into really) saying we are taking off for vacation this week! WHOA THERE BOY!!! I still have laundry I'm washing, what do you mean this week? So there ya have it, we are taking off possibly tomorrow morning. So the past 3-5 hours I have been sitting in my room with my laptop switching from finishing the laundry to checking online rates for hotels and what to do at our destination. We had first set out to drive a nearly two day trip to Florida...but decided against it...HURRICANE SEASON! Then we thought maybe the GRAND CANYON! That's ok...I've seen my fare share of pot holes...hey I live in TEXAS! So we decided to stay in Texas and go to the beach. Then nearby to Houston to go to the Zoo, the museums and around the areas there. Maybe we will swing by Round Rock visit Ikea and pick up a new sofa ;0) My DH, Marty still has a lot of "I'm sorry" to do for what he put me through today....again that's a WHOLE other blog that I'm not getting into.

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