Saturday, July 12, 2008

WAIT WAIT!!!! Playing catch up..

Man oh man...July started and now its in its second week! Just to catch you guys up on what my life has been. It all started with getting ready for our 4th of July fest! My husband and his brother own some carnival rides. So we set them up and guess well we did ok, despite the fact that the GOOD Lord was teasing us with wind and rain! Yeah GOD...hes a funny one! hahaha

Well here you have Monikah, Jesykah and Erykah riding down one of the jumping castles...not ours..that the city provided for free. They had a blast. I mean it was a water slide jumping castle, and all they could do was go up and one way down, but I mean they rode that thing for hours and hours on end. It was a great baby sitter really! LOL

Rebekah here just splashed her way down and look at her she is soaking wet. It was pretty good, the fest that is. There was a dog costume contest and there were some really adorable doggies there. All decked out in their patriotic costumes...but I couldnt take many pics because I was busy manning the booth taking money from parents. OK...that didnt come out right..LOL...but tech. I was taking money from their kids could get on our rides. Down side to it...I worked on my birthday. NO...IM NOT A 4TH OF JULY BABY! Nearly was, but I missed it by 2 hours. IM a July 5th BABY and a bi-centennial baby at that! So I always know how long ago the Dec. of Indep. was age PLUS 200 years!!! hahahaha Now if you are asking...I turned 32. No Im not shy at telling my age, I think its an honor that I have made it so far to 32....age is just a number, its how you feel inside. Besides...women are like wine. The more we age, the finer we are! LOL however, to compensate for my working on my birthday, my husband and my parents and my kids along with a dear friend of mine....OOOHH AND MY BROTHER and his girl friend...all took me to my fav rest of all time...THE OLIVE GARDEN! I love that place. Here we are in no particular order at the restaurant.

So here we are from left to right...My parents, Marty and I, Milly and Steve and Roger and Mariecruz

Well I have more photos...but that will be another post...and if I can get them puter is acting up...actually I think its my camera conflicting with my puter. Ok till next time!!! BYE!

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