Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Our little adventure at the beach, cause thats what it is and adventrue, is taking its twists and turns. We were all excited until we got to a Marquee sign saying " HURRICANE FORMING IN THE GULF! FUEL UP YOUR TANKS" Well you can only picture the look on Marty and I's face surprised and dissapointed. LOL...we had traveled nearly over 6 hours to be told by a HIGHWAY MARQUEE NO LESS that there was a "HURRICANE A COMIN'!" Well we weren't turning back now. I mean if it got bad we'd go inland to Houston or head to Austin maybe. Ok so we get here and we start to look for a hotel. Of course you can imagine the girls all excited. FORGET THE HOTEL, is what I pick up from them, WE CAN SLEEP ON THE BEACH! Well we find it. Today we get up early, a feat for me..., eat breakfast and then get dressed to go to the beach. It was all sun and glory...


We had some fun finding sea shells


Marty and the girls even build a sand castle...


here is the finished product


Then Dolly crashed our party


Can you see the way the cloud looks like a tail. We got the tail end of Hurricane dolly and you can see the rain in the distance. When I took this we thought it was pretty far. YEAH RIGH!!! I came down on us like in less than 30 minutes. Well we head back to the hotel and the girls went swimming in the pool ( it was an indoor pool). Later we started to drive around and we found a nice beach.. it was sort of private but it was nice. Oh and we found a little fella!


Did I mention that it was a LITTLE fella!!! Yeah thats my husbands finger...and he has BIG hands!!! This guy was small.

So far thats has been our little adventure. Tomorrow we head to Houston and go to the Galleria. I get to try on some ice skates for the FIRST TIME!!! Ill be taking loads of pictures!

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