Saturday, September 27, 2008

...and my search is finished

I found a group of artisans online...actually on cafemom. They are the Cafe Mom Etsy Team, and I have had the pleasure to create some great new wonderful friends. We spin new ideas off of each other, we support each other and we talk about different things. So for about a month there the girls were raving about one of owns popcorn. Her name is Micki she goes under keepingitsimplysweet on etsy. Now...Im not the sort of person who orders food online. I need to see personally with my own eyes what Im about to put in my mouth before I buy it. However, the girls were raving about her gourmet popcorn and how delicious it was. She also makes marshmallows...she even has sugar free marshmallows. Well, I got tempted and I ordered what I thought would be something I liked...the Campfire Smores Gourmet Popcorn.

Now she caramelizes the popcorn first. Then she crumbles graham crackers over it she then adds her name brand chocolate and mini marshmallows. Ok so I'm intrigued by this. I mean the description itself is tantalizing! So I order a gallon of this. That how she sells them by the gallon. So I wait..for 2 agonizing days...I wait. I'm thinking about my chocolate...I love caramel popcorn...I love smores!!!!

So yesterday as I go pick up my girls the post woman shows up. Typical...when you are expecting something your not at home when they show up. I had also gone to HEB to pick up some food for bekah, she was sick. When we get home I see the SORRY WE MISSED YOU slip. OOOOHHH NOOOO I wasn't going to wait a WHOLE WEEKEND for my popcorn!!! So we tossed the groceries in the front door floor...I remember I had seen the postwoman about to leave our neighborhood. We all ran to my truck, and I sped away to chase down my package!!! I caught up to her and thankfully she needed to do ONE MORE delivery...who of course the person in that house wasn't home. I told her she had just left the note and I wanted my package...I said it graciously. So we get home but I can smell the popcorn from the box. I open up the box and there, inside is a LARGE bag of popcorn...full of chocolate...melted of course because of the heat of Laredo, but it was perfect!! I mean smores has melted chocolate. I see the marshmallows and the crumbs of cracker and OOOHHHHH I open it so slowly, like time was taking its ...uuuhh..time? hehe I grab cluster of chocolate, popcorn, and marshmallows...and I sink my teeth into it and OOOHHH JOY!!!! IM IN HEAVEN!!! Im not kidding everyone...this stuff is good!!! We are almost done with the entire gallon!!! OOOHHH and she threw in a free sample. Cinnamon Marshmallows. Personally I would never have thought about buying cinnamon marshmallow. Ok. so I taste it...and...ITS AWESOME!!!

So people...I'm not kidding when i say something is good...ITS GOOD!!! When I say something is awesome...ITS go to actually here the link to Miki's shop:

smores popcorn

so go GO GO GO!!! This stuff is too good to keep to myself! Come will know where your gift is coming from...hint hint

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