Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall leaves turning colors...holidays are upon us

Yesterday as we were going to take Erykah to practice, Jeyskah and Monikah, my two youngest, were under the tree waiting to get into the truck.  As they waited a leaf fell on top of Jesykahs head and she grabbed it and Monikah saids "LOOK MOM!!! The leaves are falling...that means its fall already!"  Little did she know that yes techniqly it was fall.  So Fall is already here, the leaves are loosing their green colors and turning yellow, red, brown and all those colors that we associate fall with.  It also means that the holidays are upon us as well.  It's amazing how fast the year goes.  It just seems to be going faster as my kids get older.  So R U READY!!??? It may surprise you that even though Halloween hasn't even reached us yet that I ALREADY created something for CHRISTMAS!  Yes, Yes, I did.  Why? Well because this is the times we all get our families together and start taking those Holiday Photos to send of to our friends and family.  So this item that I am about to show you allows you...well your girls or your be what almost every little girl wants to be... A PRINCESS!!!  Well a sugar plum princess!


This is a tutu halter.  Its not a skirt..its actually a dress. There is a sheer ribbon to tie around the neck and it is simply beautiful. Its time start getting all dress up and taking those photos.  This is perfect for your little princess.

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