Monday, September 15, 2008

What is big, brown and heavy?

MOVING BOXES!! Yes RDD and my family are moving to S.A. TX.  My husband got transferred to UTSA. He starts we have what??? like less than 2 weeks? So we are in the search of housing.  I look at my house and I want to rip my hair out.  I just finished a tutu dress but I still want to make a halo headband some wings and a wand for this outfit.  So SA here we come.  My poor girls have now been taken out of their cheerleading squads, BUT they are still practicing, I don’t want them to be out to long without exercise and practice of their tumbling.  well...I might no blog for a while...I will try to get a photo of the is a one of a kind I will NOT make another one like it and its perfect for photographers who specialize in children's photography .  Good investment.  Ok so then...those of you who were in Ikes way...I am praying for you.  take it easy and hope things get back to the way it was fast! 



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