Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I think I I?

As a I’m sure most of you are, sometimes we wonder if we are doing a good job raising our kids. Sometimes they give you green hair syndrome, as I call it, where you just want to tear out all your hair because it seems like your talking to a thick brick wall! Then every now and then, they give you glimmer's of hope, that something is, most definitely, without a doubt, getting in...they are listening.

This morning, for me, was one of those morning. Rebekah, who is at home because she is suffering from migraines, went with me to take her younger sisters some breakfast. Apparently, according to my husband, they didn't make it on time for the school's breakfast. Yeah, we were running late, what's new? So I go to Stripes, and pick up a box of Krispy Creams, 3 chocolate milks and take it to them. As we were coming back, we saw a really ugly, but cute in its own way, dog prancing down the street of our neighborhood. It looked like the dog from 'Lady and the Tramp' you know the female dog who starts to sing "he's a tramp but I love him". It even has a pink collar and everything. My daughter was admiring the dog, she's an animal lover through and through, and then she perks straight up lets out a gasp and says "MOM THAT'S THE DOG IN THOSE 'LOST DOG' FLYERS!!!" No it wasn't the dog, but she kept on "you know they are offering a reward for that missing dog mom." I just let out a mmmhmmm. Then she said..."You know, if I found the dog and they asked me if I wanted the reward, I would smile and I would hug the person. That's my reward. I just want to see that person happy with its dog again." She just said it so matter of fact, like she was this little tiny adult sitting next to me. I wondered, why aren't more adults like that. I then recounted the story of her paternal granny. She lost her phone, the people who found it called Martin, my husband. He said "GREAT...THANK YOU!!! Meet me at this place" the people on the other line asked if there was a reward. Martin said " get the sense of being a good person and doing a good deed." The people never showed up. Rebekah looked shocked and asked why they did that and of course I answered, "I don’t know, greedy I guess?"

So in that little time frame of maybe 30 minutes...I realized that my daughter is growing up, and she's growing up well, with a good head on her shoulders, with good morals and sense of compassion and what is right and wrong. She is also growing up with the lesson that any reward for any good deed done is not monetary value...its the compassion and kindness your soul and heart feel when that mission is accomplished. So yes...I AM, so far, doing a good job...and I'm glad! I hope my girls, when they grow up, continue to value human value over money.

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