Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is it election year???

It must be...hahaha.  Last night Marty, the girls and I were going to Wal-Mart for some grocery shopping.  Now, a couple of months ago, we traded up for a bigger car than our little Mini-Van.  I mean, I loved my van, but it was getting older, the girls are getting bigger, therefore the van was amazingly getting SMALLER!!!  So we went for the big gun of trucks...A SURBURBAN!!!!  I mean we got the looks, we got the comments, we got it all..the "WHY A SURBURBAN...GAS PRICES ARE HIGH, YOU WILL BE SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY!"  We knew that, but our sanity is more important and worth more than worrying about what or how much the gas price is at that moment.  Crazy, yeah, but sometimes, you have to sort out your priorities and well you know...I love my kids...I want to keep them...hehehe..I dont want to send them of to military school, or a convent so I can keep my sanity, well Marty and I's sanity, but mostly mine.  I mean I am the one who is with them more often than not!

So..back to the subject at hand. So we were driving last night for our hunting excursion...FOOD!  As we drive down the road, we see the "GAS PRICE WARS!!!"  on the left side of the street gas prices were, not sure if they are still, at 2.65-2.69, on the right side of the road all you see is the same price through out...2.35!  We noticed this.  I mean, we are penny savvy, sort to speak, we have four girls and we have to make every penny stretch.  Then we are wondering why on earth are people fueling up at the most expensive gas station when just across the street the price is almost if not over .30 cents CHEAPER!  I mean it might not be much to most but hey for a tank that holds about 20 gallons or more...IT ADDS UP!  Then we realized that we haven't seen gas prices this low in over 3 years. Heck when we got out of the military gas prices were already going to hit 2.50 and at that time, WHOA...the scandal...the price is to much.  Now we look at the 2.35 price and we think...HEY THATS CHEAP!!  OmG...I mean oil companies are playing with our brains.  Now I sound like my PARENTS..."Ohh girls I remember! when gas was .50, .75, .80 a gallon!!!"  YIKES...SOME ONE SLAP ME!  Well so Yeah..its election year.  Both parties will try to take credit as to why the prices are now low.  Both parties will say that it was them, their influence to have gas prices go down.  Just will not stay like this, Im sure of it.  New prez comes in...and it will all go up again. Well maybe with this economy ... we might not have money to drive our cars anymore.  I tell ya...leave GOD out of it take him out of everything...IT ALL GOES TO CRAP!

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