Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mystery Diagnosis????

Im a little bummed out right now! More worried actually. Never has my oldest daughter had such a health problem that has caused her to missed nearly a weeks worth of school. She was born a bit premature. Her birthday was supposed to be on or around Sept. 15. She was born Aug. 23. She weighed in at 5.4, in today's terms a bit under weight. Delivery was a bit bothersome, it was going fine until her heart rate dropped so low that I had an emergency c-section. She did have to stay at the hospital almost a week after she was born. She had jaundice. She came out looking like a racoon...they put this little mask over her eyes so she could "bake" under the "tanning bed" for a week! After that it was smooth sailing. Until about she was 7 yrs old. She started to complain about tummy pains. Im going to get into very descriptive details. She always said she felt constipated. However she went well, almost daily if not 2 times a day. They gave her miralax and told me to give her 2 tablespoons of mineral oil a day until it went through and soaked her panties. I did...but it didnt make a difference. She was still going well, 2 times a day at least, still had tummy problems and then just one more problems. Fast forward to today, sometime in August she ended up getting a high fever, diarrhea, and severe headaches. NOTHING helped her with her headaches and her fever. She was throwing up so bad, it looked like her intestines might have come out! She was also shaking uncontrollably. The docs thought she might have OFF to the hospital we go. Well all they did was take blood and give her a bag of IV and sent us on our merry way. She still had a fever when we left, she still had headaches. That lasted for about a week. So now...she is in bed with a headache. No fever, thank GOD, no vomiting, no diarrhea. There really is not triggers for her headache. She just gets them. She dosnt have them all day long, shes fine off and on. She will get severe pain, and I can tell because her face is solemn, she looks very sad. She then curls up like a baby puts her head under her pillow and 5-10 min. later shes up again and fine...and it will happen again later on 5-10-30- or hours later. There is no pattern to the head pains...there doesnt seem to be a trigger. However she lies down and it goes away FAST...then she says that when she gets back up a couple of min. later it starts to hurt again. The doc said she had abdominal migraines, but when I looked it up the word anorexia came up with this. She is not anorexic. So now we have a mystery illness, a little girl in pain and a mother worried and confused as to what to do next.

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