Friday, October 24, 2008


This is how I looked like about 2 hours ago! Well not so much like Kramer, more like me but the expression was just like that. Why you ask??? Well it all started just a bit after lunch. I had eaten a nice grilled chicken burger with onion rings and a large coke from What-A-Burger. All right, I had lunch. So then I start to feel sleepy. Ok so you may tell me..."I always feel tired after eating, whats the big deal." Well I was feeling CRAZY TIRED, SLEEPY, LIKE I JUST HAD TO SLEEP OR I WOULD DIE SLEEPY and I think to myslef...WTF!!! (sorry for the cuss) So I had a "duh"moment and I said to myself "SELF...check your damn blood sugars!" Ok so I mosey on over to the kitchen and check it...and my sugars are over 230!!!!!!! OMG!?!?!?!?!?! I HAVE NEVER HAD MY SUGARS GO OVER 160!!!! I freak out so know what I start to do, RUN! RUN MY ASS OFF AROUND THE HOUSE!!! RUN WOMAN RUN!!! GET THEM SUGARS DOWN GIRL RUN YOUR ASS OFF!!!! So I run...I run and run and run and run...then i stop and then I JUMP JACKS, jump jacks jump jacks!!! I did that for about 5 min because I ran out of time. I had to go pick up the Im worried, now I see how evil the COKE is and the ONION RINGS aaaccckkk...!!!! Im falling apart! I need to seriously loose weight and Its gonna be hard for me to give up soda but soda I MUST give up and take up drinking WATER! I bought myself some GLUCERNA. Its supposed to help your sugar levels...stay level and level out. So off to my water I go and please PLEASE keep them sugars in check! CHECK CHECK CHECK! ok...well Im off to take Jesykah to ballet class.

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