Sunday, November 30, 2008

But Im not the Criminal!!!

Seriously, there are some people in our world who get offended when ask for I.D when using credit cards? Yeah you read that right. I just read the newspaper and for some strange reason i decided to read Miss. Manners. The writer was stating how they get offended when asked for I.D when they use their credit cards. No matter how much they argue with the clerk and then of course the manager, they can seem to make them understand how offensive that is to them. Then of course they get the "Its for your protection" line from the management. The question was how to make people understand without being "arrogant" that it is offensive to them?

OK, first if I was that clerk, Id assume this person was using a stolen credit card because they just wouldn't give me a darned I.D. I mean seriously what is SO offensive about checking the I.D. How do I know the "owner" didn't accidentally drop it somewhere or was pick pocketed or something. I DON'T KNOW!

Its not a question about your integrity, but wouldn't you rather the clerk make sure that if this was someone else using YOUR CARD, they'd check to make sure it was you using your own card. Honestly, if they didn't and someone charged up a slew amount of money on your card, you'd go PLUM MAD!!!! I know Id call the store first to give them a few words then Id be frantic with the credit card company making sure I don't have to be stuck with the bill.

So PERSON who wrote to Miss. Manners, go ahead and leave your credit card near by. I mean I don't go and take other people things, I have integrity, but its obvious that you don't care if others use your credit card...sounds to me like you don't mind SPREADING THE WEALTH...even if you don't know who the heck is using your card.

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