Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its that time of year again!!!!

NO....NOT THANKSGIVING OR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING...although that is here too but I meant FLU SEASON!!! You know the sickness...the snotty noses, the coughs, the puke and so forth...the YUCKINESS!!! Yes, it has hit my house already!


Yes this is us at our house...SICK AS DOGS!!! Jesykah was the first to bring it home. She was out for nearly a week from school, man she was horrible. She ended up on a neubalizer and some steroids for her breathing. I mean she had bronchiolitis and croup. She was in her room most of the day, with the Vicks vaporizor on . I mean this house was a sauna! So she got better and then the following week, or this past monday...ERYKAH GETS SICK! yup...and Monikah. She got send home with a fever, Erykah woke up with a fever and they have been home since. Monikah is doing much better but EJ is not doing so well. Damn fever will not let up, shes just cant get over it. However, tomorrow we will finally see a doc.

Then there is me! Yes, I have it too and my stomach just said "DOES IT HURT DOES IT HURT...HUH DOES IT HURT??!!!" and I was like "HELL YEAH IT HURTS!!" So I am down for the count. Its not just my tummy though...I feel it all over but I think this bug couldnt get to all of me cause I just feel tired and achey. So this is a sick house...I cant stand it, Ive already missed over a weeks worth of work! I can afford to anymore...I need to work. I guess thats the price of being a mom, and its well worth it...I get to spend some quite time with my girls, all chilling out, even though we are all coughing and feeling like crap we get to just lounge around and watch movies, with our vick vaporizor next to us.

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