Friday, January 16, 2009


So I am starting this year on the right foot.  Well I want to and I hope it goes as planned.  My first step is to try to calm my anxiety down.  I have such bad anxiety that its ridiculous.  I mean I feel something touch me and I think my arm is falling off!!!  I know Im weird.   So thats one. TWO! I want to generate income. DH is the only one bringing in the dough.  Now Im not talking about my business.  So that is 3.  I want my business to be a success this year for sure.  I have put my mind into it. I think I found something that no one has ever thought of before and I hope it takes off.  However that will not generate income right away.  SO I am applying at Hobby Lobby.  I will still be working with my husband helping him, or should I say his dad, with accounts receivable.  So it seems to me that I have a lot to do.  However, right now I have creators block? I guess thats what I would call it.  I know what I want to do, I just cant get what I see in my brain OUT HERE IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD.  In the marketing world there is a saying "It takes 100 NO'S to get your first YES"  I think it might be the same as a business owner. It will take 100 tries before you get it right.  Thing is my patience is running out and I sometimes feel hard pressed.  So many things, so little time.  Not to mention that the next month and a half, the girls are practicing almost daily for competitions. So time will be short. 

Oh well.  One foot forward at a time. right? slowly but surely.

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