Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How do you fix....YOU?

Yeah I dont know that answer.  Since Nov.  Ive been runned ragged. Rebekah, was suffering from migraines then she gets hurt, bruised ribs.  My other kids get sick as well.  They start missing school and then holidays.  2 weeks off of school, running around making sure my girls have fun filled days.  I guess sometime during then and now, I wanst paying attention to myself.  Now, coming Feb 10th, I will not be able to make childrens item.  Yup..due to CPSIA, anything targeted for children under 12 MUST MUST be tested for lead and phthalates (stuff that makes plastics really hard).  There are protests all over the Etsy world.  People are listing items that normally would cost you 12-40 buck at over 12,000.00 bucks!!!  Yes that is right, its not a typo. 

Here is an example:


this is an item made by seller name Mamaslittlemonkey on etsy.  Its listed at over 3K. Like it? Would you pay 3K for it? Think its a bit crazy? Well yeah it is, but that is what the government is going to do to handmade!

Ok so what does all this have to do with "fixing you?" My body is now protesting too!  I have been sick...SICK, SICK, SICK.  I think Im doing so much, but sometimes I feel like Im not doing much.  I want to help.  I love meeting new people, I love helping people, I love doing things.  I help my dh in his business, I run my kids around for their practices, I love it.  if Im sitting down doing nothing, I fee like my time is being wasted.  I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW!!! I need to let my body rest.  Well its telling me to rest.  I have been batteling a col, flue, allergies since...again... late Nov. to early Dec. I doesn't completely go away.  The day after my 12th wedding anniversary, Jan 17, I woke up like I had just gone 8 rounds with Muhammad Ali.  My face HURT! My eyes burned, my throat itched, my body ached.  I have it all.  The bad thing...about a year ago or two I had walking pneumonia, I think Im getting it again.  Thats how bad I feel.  SO...I need to rest...the puter is going to be my lifeline.  I will most probably be in bed, bedrest that is.  Ill be surfing the net, checking out the latest listings on Etsy.  I might actually try artfire, who knows?  So thats whats going on with me.  I hope I didnt make your head spin!  My life is crazy, but I love it. keep me company my peeps! Show me some love

OHHH AND DONT FORGET!!! Visit my girls a   They are the best.  They make the most awesome things you will  find on the net.  OK as the Germans say "tschuse!" 

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