Friday, January 30, 2009

Its been a year...ALREADY???

It is that time again, when my two older girls compete with there teams against other cheer teams across Texas and parts of the U.S. So we have travled today for nearly 10 hours. Yes, I am writing this as my family trys to sleep, dh sleeping next to me...well was. See the thing is that the girls are sick! I know right before competiton!!! It is a symphony of coughing here. Whats worse is I cant be with them until after they have finished their competiton. I hope they do ok.

Ok so while Im trying to get some things done on the net, i have found some wonderful sites.
I have added a link to the side bar over here ---------------->>> its called Cafe Handmade. It is a virtual CRAFT SHOW!!! HOW ABOUT THAT??? I cant wait to get home and make up some stuff and buy a spot!!! This is so cool. I mean you dont have to LUG around your items, you dont have LUG around a table and other stuff that you have to take to Craft shows! This is all ON LINE!!! In the words of the little kid from the movie "INCREDIBLES" at the end of the movie "THAT IS SO TOTALY AWESOME!!!" Just had to share my little tid bit here. Also if you havnt noticed...I am on twitter. You can follow me by clicking on my link over -----> there too! Ok, Im off to bed, my girls are all aruging because they dont have "engough" room in that HUGE bed that the have...*rolling eyes* Ill let yall know how it goes on Monday when we get home. I wont be able to use the internet here very much...the Hilton is EXPENSIVE!!! They charg you 10.00 to connect to their WiFi!!!???? CRAZY! So THATS HOW the Hiltons GOT rich...Im in the WRONG BUSINESS!

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