Friday, January 9, 2009

Soap Brain!

No my head isnt full of bubbles...I am now going to beautiful hand made soaps full of aroma and oils.  If you dont like aroma or not to strong, I will have some that are scent free and mild.  Also available will be hand and body creams and some bath salts. 

The one below is a 4 oz oatmeal bar infused with honey.


This one below has a most wonderful scent.  I love it and it is a bit strong but a good strong, not overpowering.  It is vanilla and pomegranate.  I added some apricot seeds for some exfoliation. 




Here you have a classic bar of soap, it too has apricot seeds but not as much as the vanilla and pomegranate.  It has the wonderful light scent of rose. 



I will also carry gift sets and I will be sending them in gift baskets. Here you see the vanilla & pomegranate bar with the matching body cream and bath salts.  You can create a luxurious spa like experience in your own bath tub.


For now, those are the ones I have.  I am working on some more. 

I am also thinking of making candles as well.  My website has been down.  It was accidentally deleted and so I have to work at putting everything back.  For now, etsy is the only place to get my stuff. 


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