Saturday, February 14, 2009

De-stashing fabric!!

I am clearing my stash-o-fabric...  I have a lot of scraps, some fabrics I bought on impulse that I never used and STILL in one continuous length...usually 5 to 10 yds each.  Some have been cut here and there but is still usable.  I will be de-stashing more soon but I need to get rid of this first.  This is just as it, you can pick through it when you get it, but its non refundable.  I have loads of pinks, and other stuff, I took a pic hope its good enough.  In there is about ayard or yard and a half of black tulle. Total for this is 25.00 not including will be priority flat rate cause it is a bit heavy and that will be around 10 bucks for that.


Music in Love

So have this piano, and I remember when I saw it in the store I said to myself "SELF!!! You didnt learn piano...but maybe your kids can! So this is a good deal cause its a used piano and its less expensive than the newer pianos...AND IT STILL LOOKS VERY GOOD AND ELEGANT" Dh agreed!! So we got the piano.  Nearly 11 years later, its still with has survived a for sale attempt and for some reason the GODS OF MUSIC prevented us from selling it.  Now my 2nd oldest plays it AND SHE CAN PLAY IT WELL.  She hasnt had any formal training, only from the classes that I have taken and dh and we teach what we have learned.  She has the music gene in her, shes good.  BUT, things are tight right now and I wish I could afford to take her to classes.  Well I have found a wonderful site online.  Its free it has free work books and its so easy, even for a parent with NO musical knowledge to help their child learn.  So far so good.  Erykah has leared Ode to Joy! and lots of other easy songs.  Here is the link, go check it out and ENJOY the love of MUSIC

Friday, February 13, 2009

Is there even a point to this anymore?

I just listed a new bag on my etsy shop. However, is it worth it? I mean, sure the Prez. wants to dig a bigger hole for us and our great grandchildren will have to STILL be paying this new stimulus package but people will still be unemployed. They wont spend the money...WE ARE GONNA HORDE IT! hahaha...and no one is spending. I've heard so many people I know say they are throwing the towel in. I have to admit I want to do the same thing too. I enjoy sewing, I enjoy crafting but I'm adding "inventory" to my home that isn't moving. I know I don't want to send a customer a soap bar that has dust all over it! eeww or my bags with "lint" because its been sitting for months. is it even worth it anymore? You tell me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

What a fantastic week!

So last weekend we went to the CGA National Competitions.  So far it has been one of the best.  it was so much fun and they made sure the audience was not getting bored.  The girls did great.  I mean for having been only back on the team less than a month...the girls DID AWESOME!!! I wish I could show some pics...but this goofball forgot her camera and I had to use dd's cheapie camera. 

Erykah's team was first...The Sapphires. The first day, they did well,and were in 2nd.  Rebekahs team did very well too and was in 2nd too!  Finally on Sunday their performance counted for 3/4ths of their total score.  Erykahs team slipped into 4th but Rebekahs team WON 1ST!  It was so awesome. We get to do this all over again at the end of this month for NCA. This time, I promise I will have my camera! I used dd's the time stamp is totally off.