Saturday, February 14, 2009

De-stashing fabric!!

I am clearing my stash-o-fabric...  I have a lot of scraps, some fabrics I bought on impulse that I never used and STILL in one continuous length...usually 5 to 10 yds each.  Some have been cut here and there but is still usable.  I will be de-stashing more soon but I need to get rid of this first.  This is just as it, you can pick through it when you get it, but its non refundable.  I have loads of pinks, and other stuff, I took a pic hope its good enough.  In there is about ayard or yard and a half of black tulle. Total for this is 25.00 not including will be priority flat rate cause it is a bit heavy and that will be around 10 bucks for that.


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