Friday, February 13, 2009

Is there even a point to this anymore?

I just listed a new bag on my etsy shop. However, is it worth it? I mean, sure the Prez. wants to dig a bigger hole for us and our great grandchildren will have to STILL be paying this new stimulus package but people will still be unemployed. They wont spend the money...WE ARE GONNA HORDE IT! hahaha...and no one is spending. I've heard so many people I know say they are throwing the towel in. I have to admit I want to do the same thing too. I enjoy sewing, I enjoy crafting but I'm adding "inventory" to my home that isn't moving. I know I don't want to send a customer a soap bar that has dust all over it! eeww or my bags with "lint" because its been sitting for months. is it even worth it anymore? You tell me.

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