Saturday, February 14, 2009

Music in Love

So have this piano, and I remember when I saw it in the store I said to myself "SELF!!! You didnt learn piano...but maybe your kids can! So this is a good deal cause its a used piano and its less expensive than the newer pianos...AND IT STILL LOOKS VERY GOOD AND ELEGANT" Dh agreed!! So we got the piano.  Nearly 11 years later, its still with has survived a for sale attempt and for some reason the GODS OF MUSIC prevented us from selling it.  Now my 2nd oldest plays it AND SHE CAN PLAY IT WELL.  She hasnt had any formal training, only from the classes that I have taken and dh and we teach what we have learned.  She has the music gene in her, shes good.  BUT, things are tight right now and I wish I could afford to take her to classes.  Well I have found a wonderful site online.  Its free it has free work books and its so easy, even for a parent with NO musical knowledge to help their child learn.  So far so good.  Erykah has leared Ode to Joy! and lots of other easy songs.  Here is the link, go check it out and ENJOY the love of MUSIC

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