Friday, February 6, 2009

What a fantastic week!

So last weekend we went to the CGA National Competitions.  So far it has been one of the best.  it was so much fun and they made sure the audience was not getting bored.  The girls did great.  I mean for having been only back on the team less than a month...the girls DID AWESOME!!! I wish I could show some pics...but this goofball forgot her camera and I had to use dd's cheapie camera. 

Erykah's team was first...The Sapphires. The first day, they did well,and were in 2nd.  Rebekahs team did very well too and was in 2nd too!  Finally on Sunday their performance counted for 3/4ths of their total score.  Erykahs team slipped into 4th but Rebekahs team WON 1ST!  It was so awesome. We get to do this all over again at the end of this month for NCA. This time, I promise I will have my camera! I used dd's the time stamp is totally off.






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