Monday, March 2, 2009

Lessons in Life are not FREE sometimes

As a mother or even just as a parent, we take certain precautions to protect our children from anything that may cause them harm or even just from pain.  Sometimes we cant do anything at all.

We try to teach our children hard work brings good fruits.  WORK=POSITIVE.  Thing is sometimes we get so caught up with teaching our kids that working hard will yield them plentiful bounty, we forget that sometimes we can work our tails off and sometimes we don't get that good "harvest"

My girls had been out of their cheer teams for over 2 or 3 months.  We were moving so I had pulled them out but then the national economic security blanket was pulled away from us and we all started to feel the bitter cold of an economic down fall.  So we didn't move. However because of that my girls were not able to rejoin their teams.

Well as "luck", "un-luck" for other, would have it, girls were leaving.  Parents couldn't afford the tuition let alone the expense of traveling for the upcoming competition season. My girls were called up in Early January and were asked to be a part of the team again. In less than a month my girls had to learn the entire routine for the end of Jan. They did it and they did good! My oldest team received the highest ranking and the "coveted jacket" everyone strives for.  However that was just a "warm up" competition.  The big one is called NCA or the National Cheerleading Association Competition.  That is the biggest of the biggest the Superbowl of cheerleading. Teams from all over the country came and competed there!

Again our girls did well.  The my oldest team placed 3rd over all for the first day and well the youngest had some errors and hers were in 6th. Rebekahs team had a good chance.  They practiced some more and "fixed" what the judges said they needed to fix, at practice.  Erykahs team also did the same.  Rebekah's team goes first.  They are doing so well, but they did wake up so early and slept late the night before because of meetings they had to attend.  They were so tired.  All the moves were there, they were hitting their marks and then "OH NO" you hear me say GASP my husband goes... a team member trips and falls to her knees while they try to get her stunt up on the air.  Then as my daughter is about to do her tumble  pass ( a series of cartwheels and backhand springs across the floor), SHE STOPS DEAD IN HER TRACKS in the middle of one of her backhand springs!  She just of her team mates started her pass to late and they would have crashed if Rebekah continued.  So she posed and blew a kiss to the judges.  There were other mistakes but not as "grave" as those. 

Awards near...they were in 3rd the day before..maybe they were able to hold on to that spot.  They called the 12th place teams then the 11, 10 and so forth... then you here "IN 6TH PLACE WITH AN AVERAGE POINT OF" well I forgot the points they got "FROM LAREDO TX" I head that and My heart sank "TEXAS GEMS EMERALDS!"  They dropped 3 spots.  It was a good shot.  They worked hard. They were tired all of them.  Still they were able to pull it together at the end.

As I walked out I see a bunch of sobbing little girls (and one young man..yes there is a boy in the team) and lots of mothers crying with their kids.  It is the hardest thing to see your child be so disappointed.  Feeling like it was all their fault.  You see Rebekah things that it was her fault because she stopped dead in her routine.  I told her no, she prevented an accident.  Still she cried and I cried.

Then it was Erykahs turn. I TOUGHT THEY DID THEIR ROUTINE PERFECTLY.  I didn't see any errors but I'm no judge.  Erykah stuck her moves and she did everything right.  Still awards came around and out of 7 teams...they got 7th place.  That was the hardest blow of them all.  Sure Rebekah's team dropped 3 places but they competed with 12 teams.  Erykah's team got last place.  My heart broke for my girls.  They had worked so hard.  In less than a month they learned the routines.  They practiced at home, when shopping anywhere they could they practiced. 

We always teach our children "HARD WORK BRINGS GOOD REWARDS!" We forget to teach them that sometimes we can work hard and do our best but sometimes someone else beats us out.  I know I'm guilty of doing that.  Still, this was a time for me that life had given me.  That one chance to "teach" values and morals and lessons on life, the HARD KNOCKS OF LIFE.  As parents we don't want our kids to learn the HARD WAY.  We want them happy.  That's why we tell them not to do this not to do that.  We tell them that cause WEVE DONE IT and we know the outcomes...PAIN...HEARTFELT PAIN. Yet some things are left for them to learn on their own.  Sooner or later they will get their hearts broken, their spirits down, their confidence shaken.  It is up to us to rise at that moment and help them stand back up.  As much as it hurts us to see them in pain..we need to be there to help them back up.  I told the girls there, the team not just my girls "HEY YOU GUYS DID AWESOME!!! AND WHAT DOES NOT BREAK YOU WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER!!! YOU GUYS ARE STRONGER BECAUE OF THIS AND YOU WILL DO BETTER NEXT TIME AND BE SHARPER AND BE ON SPOT "

I tried to focus on the positive aspects of the trip.  They made new friends.  Erykah met a team from Maryland and she was all excited.  Rebekah got to spend time with her friends that go to other schools.  She never gets that type of time with them.  It was FUN! Sure the loss is hurtful, but I know they will bounce back and next time will be fierce.

Sometimes lessons in life are not always free of pain.  We can take the advice we are given or not but we will always learn one way or another.  Its harder when we see our kids learn "painfully" but we can cushion it just a bit so they can bounce back and say "I CAN DO THIS"

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