Monday, March 9, 2009

Lets get learning!

I have always wanted to learn how to create sewing patterns out of scratch.  Well, I live in the boonies.  They don’t have classes like that here in our Community College or our University.  I asked one time if they offered design in fashion and they said and I quote "We only offer classes that have value to them, not hobbies"  I WAS LIKE "WHAT!!??" So New York offers only Hobby classes?  Shoot, I should go tell Vera Wang her million dollar business is just a Hobby right?

Well I cant just move to New York and go to a fashion school.  I have a family and my husbands job is (unfortunately) here, in this bum town.  So I give it up.  Well sort of.  I try my best to make some patterns a bit bigger.  It can be frustrated, I mean I have ruined I don’t know how many yards of fabric because my measurements are wrong. 

So imagine to my surprise when I go to Journal Modiste and I find an ad that has "CHILDRENS FASHION WORKSHOP!" ( just click on the name there and it will take you to the site) hey it peeked my interest. So I go and check it out.  Wow I'm blown away.  They have classes so you can make patterns bigger or smaller.  I mean from tops to pants, to button down shirts...they have dresses and so much more.  CLASSES TO HELP YOU CREATE YOUR OWN FROM YOUR OWN HEAD PATTERNS!!!  I'm so stoked! 

I'm so happy that someone took the time to do this.  I am going to sign up for some classes. I hope it meets my expectations and of course I will come back here and let ya'll know if its worth the money.  So far...I'm liking the site.

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