Sunday, June 28, 2009

Are you a CRICUT too?

AAAhhhhh my Cricut Expressions. I love it. How did I ever live without it? I mean its a crafters dream. Scrapbooking, paper crafting, making home decor and even projects for parties. I remember when I first saw the Cricut Expressions. Marty and I had just decided to get Direct TV. I was searching through the guide list of shows on tv and I saw the title "Scrapbooking Made Easy" and I went to the channel.

I was hooked as the ladies who were hosting this infomercial spot spoke. I dont know how many times I watched this commercial for the Cricut. I mean I LOOKED for the spots on TV. It was the most awesome thing I had seen. It cut all sorts of things. Scrapbookers use it, you can cut vinyl, chipboard, make wonderful cards for birthdays, invitations, and yes EVEN CUT FABRIC!!! Oh happy day!!! I can use it to create appliques for my girls cheer pants, for their shirts FOR MY SEWING THINGS! Im so happy. BUT WAIT A MINUTE...I had to wait over 2 weeks. Im like a sap stuck to the boob tube watching this infomercial over and OVER again.

I did order it, like I said two weeks later I waited. I still had to wait just over a week for it to arrive. I mean when they knocked on my door with the box in tow I was like a child looking at the best gift anyone has ever received. The girls and I took the thing from the post man thanked him OF COURSE and rushed to the kitchen. We couldnt open that thing fast enough. As soon as we opened it and put it together, we started to cut things out.

This thing is great. I have yet to use it with fabrics. I have, however, created 3 scrapbook pages for my daughters Kinder graduation. I also reused some glass jars, recycled them by etching them with its purpose and dressed them up and I created a bday/fathers day card for my dad. It was the easiest thing to do.

One of the great things this thing has is you can create boxes. You know little gift boxes you can stuff with candies for a childs bday party? Yeah those, it slits all the places for you so you dont mess up at all. I mean its fool proof.
The next thing I want to do, but I have to repaint my living room before i do this, is create the vinyl quotes you see all over the place now. Yeah I want to do that and put it on my front entrance door. Im so having fun with this thing. If you want one, there is a way to get it with payments. Just go to It comes with a slew of things not just the machine. It has 2 cartridges to get you started, and the 12x12 sticky pad. Other things too like the etching glass chemical to do what I did there with my glass jars.
So dont wait to long get on the Cricut Expressions bandwagon!!!

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