Sunday, June 21, 2009

Im back!!!

Howdy yall. I am back. Im sorry, I have been away for a while. I have let the cobwebs gather here on the net. However I am back.

Its been very intresting and sort of difficult at the same time here. As you all know there is an economic crisis in the U.S. Yeah I know, when did that happen and how??? hahahaha, I dont see it getting any better any time soon. It does affect us though. Dh is part owner in a business. Things started to slow down here so we are doing so so. Whats bad is that I've been sick. its weird how I found out I was sick cause it wasnt some kind of virus kicking my butt and stuff. Nope actually, I started going to the gym. I mean I had felt some kind of not so well sort of feeling for a while but chalked it up to being 50lbs over weight. So I chaged my diet and got my patootie to the gym. Well at the gym, when I had my first one to one work out with the trainer, it was starting good. I was actually keeping up and I was very surprised at myself. Then out of the blue I feel fait and sick. Just that fast the entire room, my entire world was BRIGHT AS A FOOTBALL STADIUM! Im not kidding. Then the trainers voice was fading into the background and I couldnt hear him...yup I was passing out. I DIDN'T, I hate loosing control, so I fought it off. Eventually I came out of it, it took me nearly 3o minutes for me to shake it off. After that, I just felt bad almost everyday. I went to the doc and talked to him about my ordeal. so he ordered tests...A WHOLE LOT OF TESTS!! It was as if I was donating blood, yeah about 10 viles of blood!

So I go back and Im thinking my dibetes got worse. Well, actually my A1C is a 6.7 not bad. What came out is my thyroid is underactive. My metabolism is out of whack. My heartrate slows down because of my thyroid. I feel like Im on fire because of my thyroid. I get these episods that are horrible. Its all because of my thyroid. sucks really...but the worse part is not having this thing thats afflicting my metabolism. Its not haveing the insurance that can provide me the help to get my other tests done to help me treat my thyroid issue. Nope. I have nothing. The first round of tests cost me over 2800.00. That was already with a 30% discount. The actual price of it was over 4K for all my tests. Now my next round of tests are 2500 w/0 the discount and thats if they give me a discount. Not to mention that they need to give me blood work for a few months when they finaly give me my meds.

I have my good days, but I have more not so good days. With this, I can't really plan ahead. I never know if I will wake up feeling good or not. Sometimes I wake up good and then during the day, I start to feel not so good. I cant really explain it.

However with this, i have decided that Im not going to wait to feel good. Despite my health I will start again with making and selling things. So, thats whats going on with me. right now.

Oh and the girls started a new cheer company. The other one started to get a bit weird for us. They started to have favorites and they were forgetting my girls (and other girls) and stopped teaching them tumbling techniques. The new gym is a lot closer to my house, just about 5 blocks from here and the owner is really nice. She had me make the first set of cheer bows for her girls. I will be making the cheer comp bows too. So, Im glad for that. I have to look at the positive of all of this. foot forward.

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