Monday, August 31, 2009

Balancing act

Aaahhh the start of the 2nd week of school. Well at least for us here in our part of the U.S. I'm sure a lot of you, today or even this week will be the start of school. Last week was sort of a dress rehearsal for us. The girls didn't have homework, well not much at least. We "practiced" getting ready the night before so the next day we weren't looking for things needed at the last moment. I find myself feeling like I cant get things right. I guess I expect to much of myself and I don't delegate tasks to my husband as much as I need to. I also find myself dealing with the 'slowness' of a pre-teen already.

As much as I feel like things should run smoothly, Bekah seems to take her sweet time. Its almost like having two 6 yr olds at the same time. Time is of no importance to her, or at least that's what it looks like to me. We are running around like crazies in the morning, and she walks around like time will just stand still for her. Drives me insane, I tell you. Then when we are all leaving, she is frantic looking for last minute items. *sigh* Is this the dreaded teen years at work. Is this what I'm looking to for the next 6 yrs, or until she leaves the house bound for college? Shes a good kid...just a little to lax for me LOL..drives her dad insane too! Then again, Marty is very lax as well, I guess they had to get something from him huh, I wasn't the immaculate conception here.

Well, things seem to go smoothly...shes waking up much earlier than she did last year. That's good cause she takes A LONG TIME to get ready in the morning. Some pointers for those of you who are just starting out this week.

1.) if possible have kids shower the night before. 3 of the 4 girls shower the night before. My Jesy has to shower in the morning cause she has crazy curly hair that needs to be tamed when wet!

2.) pull out clothing to be worn the next day, the night before. Making sure the kids have their shirts, pants/shorts/skirts, socks and yes even undies. I don't know how many times last year my girls would yell out in the morning "MOM I DON'T HAVE UNDERWEAR!!!" Later to find cleans ones in my room in my'd that get there?

3.) find ALL LOST SHOES!!! I hate looking for shoes when we should be all packing up in the truck. My girls are notorious for loosing their shoes. One is in the bathroom while the matching shoe is under the kitchen table?! No we don't have its got to be the ghost moving the shoes around..right?

4.) make sure all school supplies, notebooks, crayons, books, signed, checked and put away for the next day. I now ask my girls if they have any work that needs to be signed.

5.) make sure kids sleep early. Oh boy, my girls are having a hard time transitioning from summer to school days. They fall asleep late and have a hard time waking up early. So try to do this at least a week or a few days before school starts.

I hope y'all have a great new school year.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

And the streak is broken!

"Lake Casa Blanca has seen a 12 foot drop before summer and during summer it saw another 4 feet. You can now see islands in the middle of the lake where non used to be" thats what the newscaster said about a week ago. We had been in a very bad drought. Im sure we are not out of it but for a long time there we were on over 3 months of 100 plus weather digits most of them about 105. I will admit opening the doors to the house sometimes felt like opening the doors to the oven. The air was either stagnant or warm. The only thing you could do is jail yourself inside your home and turn down the AC so it was cold. Yesterday we got the first sings of relief. Clouds...but we had clouds before. Teasing and tantalizing us. We could smell the rain from far away, but it never reached our dry, hot city. Then the night before last Marty, the girls and I went out to eat dinner at Fud's. As the girls and I got out of the suburban we heard the CRACK of the lighting and this wonderful most frightening tentacle like streak of light danced across the sky. I wish I had a camera but honestly, I ran as fast as I could almost forgetting I had my girls with me! Then rain...GLORIOUS RAIN! It poured so softly but with plentitude. It filled the streets of LAREDO with much needed water, I could hear the grass, the trees the animals cheering for joy.

Im looking outside and I see the drops of water on my window screen. The sky is a wonderful grey. I missed that grey. I love the sun, dont get me wrong, but I think its nature that all creatures, even humans long for rain. It was the most welcoming sight, smell, feeling and sound I have heard in a LONG TIME. I let it soak me up...and my girls, laughing and splashing on the puddles left behind as we left FUD'S. I raised my arms up high, looked up to the sky and said "THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cricuts little secret...

IS OUT! Cricut has come out with a new gadget to help us creative type people create on the go! Like we need more things to do while we are out huh? Most of us who create stuff, are always thinking of new things. It can get dangerous. I mean, imagine driving on the highway and you suddenly get a new idea for a scrap page...or a new idea for a wonderfully thought out sewing creation! Oh no!!

Seriously though this thing looks very promising. Its called the GYPSY! Its a handheld device...looks about the size of a Play Station Portable (PSP). It is touch screen. Now if you have a Cricut Machine, you can attache the cartridges to the Gypsy and it will then download the graphics of that cartridge and thats it! You can put that cartridge aside. It holds up to 7000 images. Thats cool, cause you can load a whole bunch of cartridges into this thing.

So then you can mix and match from different cartridges, manipulate the way the images look so they cut out the way you want them. Lets say you want to cut out I LOVE YOU. You can have I and Love in one font...then you go to another font and write out Love in,hmmm, lets say cursive. You then move the Love in between the I and You. Now lets say you want love to be slanted a bit. You can then touch the screen and make the love turn up or down or side to side.

There is a demo on the site. Here is the link: just click on the link. Im not sure how much it is. There is a link that says its just over 200.00. Dont take my word for it, but I do know it will be coming out Oct of this year. Michael's is now taking pre-orders. As soon as I can i will be heading my pretty little creative mind over to Michael's and put my name on the list!

So there ya go!! My little juicy gossip on something fun and creative that can be a blast to use on the go!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Almost THERE!

Sorry I havnt kept up with the blog. Its been a hectic summer here, with my health and I didnt want to be writing depressing blog posts!! No way! Im doing better though, finally figured out whats wrong. Two things, my thyroid and MOLD! Yup, dh was doing a remodel of his building which is OLD and MOLD is there. He had been bringing mold on his cloths. So that not only maede me sick but it caused my youngest to break out in TERRIBLE HIVES!!!

So no more remodel. The family (the building belongs to his dad) hired people to deal with the remodel!

So ITS ALMOST HERE HUH??? School TIME! Im counting the days. 1 more week. Im so excited. I get to go to school too, I get time to work alone here at home. On a sad note, my beloved Luna, my cat, passed away. She was hit by a car about a month ago. It was such a heartbreaking day for Rebekah. It was her cat.

Im trying to get organized to start working on stuff too. I have to close my shop. My computer crashed and burned! I need a new one, the one dh gave me is a mini peice of crap! It will not download the drivers I need for my camera, or the Paint Shop I have to edit my photos so until I can get a new puter, I cant do A THING!!! Im getting butterflies as I think about all the things that I want to do, all the things that are happening.

Marty informed me as soon as he graduates, he will be going back to the Army. Hopefully he can get his commission. I always wanted to see my husband with officer rank! So good things are comming. I hope you guys have not left me.

Ok...gonna go find a video to show my daughter how the ovaries work. Shes courious!