Friday, August 14, 2009

Almost THERE!

Sorry I havnt kept up with the blog. Its been a hectic summer here, with my health and I didnt want to be writing depressing blog posts!! No way! Im doing better though, finally figured out whats wrong. Two things, my thyroid and MOLD! Yup, dh was doing a remodel of his building which is OLD and MOLD is there. He had been bringing mold on his cloths. So that not only maede me sick but it caused my youngest to break out in TERRIBLE HIVES!!!

So no more remodel. The family (the building belongs to his dad) hired people to deal with the remodel!

So ITS ALMOST HERE HUH??? School TIME! Im counting the days. 1 more week. Im so excited. I get to go to school too, I get time to work alone here at home. On a sad note, my beloved Luna, my cat, passed away. She was hit by a car about a month ago. It was such a heartbreaking day for Rebekah. It was her cat.

Im trying to get organized to start working on stuff too. I have to close my shop. My computer crashed and burned! I need a new one, the one dh gave me is a mini peice of crap! It will not download the drivers I need for my camera, or the Paint Shop I have to edit my photos so until I can get a new puter, I cant do A THING!!! Im getting butterflies as I think about all the things that I want to do, all the things that are happening.

Marty informed me as soon as he graduates, he will be going back to the Army. Hopefully he can get his commission. I always wanted to see my husband with officer rank! So good things are comming. I hope you guys have not left me.

Ok...gonna go find a video to show my daughter how the ovaries work. Shes courious!

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