Sunday, August 30, 2009

And the streak is broken!

"Lake Casa Blanca has seen a 12 foot drop before summer and during summer it saw another 4 feet. You can now see islands in the middle of the lake where non used to be" thats what the newscaster said about a week ago. We had been in a very bad drought. Im sure we are not out of it but for a long time there we were on over 3 months of 100 plus weather digits most of them about 105. I will admit opening the doors to the house sometimes felt like opening the doors to the oven. The air was either stagnant or warm. The only thing you could do is jail yourself inside your home and turn down the AC so it was cold. Yesterday we got the first sings of relief. Clouds...but we had clouds before. Teasing and tantalizing us. We could smell the rain from far away, but it never reached our dry, hot city. Then the night before last Marty, the girls and I went out to eat dinner at Fud's. As the girls and I got out of the suburban we heard the CRACK of the lighting and this wonderful most frightening tentacle like streak of light danced across the sky. I wish I had a camera but honestly, I ran as fast as I could almost forgetting I had my girls with me! Then rain...GLORIOUS RAIN! It poured so softly but with plentitude. It filled the streets of LAREDO with much needed water, I could hear the grass, the trees the animals cheering for joy.

Im looking outside and I see the drops of water on my window screen. The sky is a wonderful grey. I missed that grey. I love the sun, dont get me wrong, but I think its nature that all creatures, even humans long for rain. It was the most welcoming sight, smell, feeling and sound I have heard in a LONG TIME. I let it soak me up...and my girls, laughing and splashing on the puddles left behind as we left FUD'S. I raised my arms up high, looked up to the sky and said "THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

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