Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cricuts little secret...

IS OUT! Cricut has come out with a new gadget to help us creative type people create on the go! Like we need more things to do while we are out huh? Most of us who create stuff, are always thinking of new things. It can get dangerous. I mean, imagine driving on the highway and you suddenly get a new idea for a scrap page...or a new idea for a wonderfully thought out sewing creation! Oh no!!

Seriously though this thing looks very promising. Its called the GYPSY! Its a handheld device...looks about the size of a Play Station Portable (PSP). It is touch screen. Now if you have a Cricut Machine, you can attache the cartridges to the Gypsy and it will then download the graphics of that cartridge and thats it! You can put that cartridge aside. It holds up to 7000 images. Thats cool, cause you can load a whole bunch of cartridges into this thing.

So then you can mix and match from different cartridges, manipulate the way the images look so they cut out the way you want them. Lets say you want to cut out I LOVE YOU. You can have I and Love in one font...then you go to another font and write out Love in,hmmm, lets say cursive. You then move the Love in between the I and You. Now lets say you want love to be slanted a bit. You can then touch the screen and make the love turn up or down or side to side.

There is a demo on the site. Here is the link: just click on the link. Im not sure how much it is. There is a link that says its just over 200.00. Dont take my word for it, but I do know it will be coming out Oct of this year. Michael's is now taking pre-orders. As soon as I can i will be heading my pretty little creative mind over to Michael's and put my name on the list!

So there ya go!! My little juicy gossip on something fun and creative that can be a blast to use on the go!

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