Saturday, September 12, 2009

In our sorrow heaven became a better place: In Memory of 9/11

Sept 10 2001:

I remember thinking it was going to be a long week. Marty was in his 3rd almost 4th year of military service. The night before, he had left for a field training exercise for the week. There was so much to do for me. I remember feeling sick for a while. I couldn't shake it off. I was feeling dizzy, just really out of sorts. So I had made my appointment to go to the doc the next day. I had to get things organized. Marty had left me a mess of things with all his gear he didn't have to take to the FTX. For me, it was just another day of being a military family. Little did I know that our lives were going to be turned inside out.

Sept 11, 2001:

My appointment was set to be at 9 am. I remember waking up at 7 am. We were in Rocky Mtn time so the twin towers had already been hit. I still didn't know. I got dressed, got the girls up, got them dressed. I then told them to watch tv while I made them a quick breakfast. So I turned on the tv and I heard the anchor man talk about the 93 bombings of the trade towers. I thought to myself "Why are they talking about that again?" I was so busy in my own things I didn't even stay to pay attention. I just put the channel on for the girls so they could watch cartoons.

We left the house. In Ft. Carson, we lived on post. So for me live was pretty simple. I hardly had to venture out of the post. We lived only blocks from the west gate. I remember leaving the house and the neighborhood and looking ot my right. Outside of the gate was the exit to a major highway. There was a line longer than I had ever seen. I had seen long lines and it was about 8 something and I thought "boy these people over slept". It never dawned on me that the post looked like a ghost town. I was running late and I was just glad there was no traffic for me to fight. I still had to take the girls to the day care center.

When I came up to the center, the doors were closed and I mean locked closed. I thought they had closed when all of a sudden a woman on an intercom said "What is your business here?" I said "Ugghh...My daughters have an appointment here so I can go to the doctor." she said "Please put your military ID card up close to the camera" and so i did and with that the doors unlocked and a guard guided me inside really quickly. The ladies at the reception desk were gathered around the tv and one asked me "did you have a hard time getting on post?" I said "I live on post" and I asked why. They told me some story about some guy going from daycare to daycare. Then they told me about the twin towers, but I said "Oh the bombings?" they said yeah. I didn't think anything of it cause I was still under the impression that they were talking about the 93 basement bombings.

So I am driving to the hospital, it housed all the doctors clinics as well. Normally on a regular day the parking lot was full, and you'd have to park what seamed like over a mile away. So Im dreading getting there, because "i know" will not find a good parking space. Our hospital was also the VA clinic as well, so you can imagine it being filled with a whole bunch of vets AND soldiers and families. So yeah, finding good parking spaces was a war on its own. I turn in and lowe and behold, the parking lot is almost EMPTY!! Sure I thought "What is going on?" but I also thought...WHOHOO good parking!

So I park. I walk inside. I notice that hospital is also empty, dugh right, if the parking lot is empty, so would the hospital right? I think I was slow that day, but remember I was sick. The few people at the clinic, including the medics were all crowded around the one lone tv in the lobby. I singed in and I asked "Whats going on?" the girl said "You haven't heard, they bombed the twin towers?" I said "yeah, in 1993" she said "NO...TODAY! 2 planes hit the towers!!" I was like "WHAT?!" So I walked on over to the tv and there it was footage, of the 2nd plane hitting tower one. I swear that was just as bad as someone just coming up to me and slapping me in the face for no apparent reason.

I was done with my appointment quickly and I rushed to get my babies. I knew right away that I probably would be seeing Marty for a while. He called me about noon time, our time. He said "Hun, we have been called back to the rear. I cant come home, we are on lock down. They are talking about deployment. Im just calling to tell you that I love you and If I don't see you before I leave..if I leave...please take care and pray for us." OMG I was crying. I wanted to see him, to hug him. I knew the life I signed up for and I didn't have a problem with him deploying to fight a war, but I at least wanted to SEE HIM one last time, I wanted to HOLD him, KISS him...tell him that I LOVE HIM.

2 days passed and I was watching the news almost 24/7. No word of deployment was spoken. Marty called me when he could. A few days later at night, I see my hubby coming in the back door in full "battle rattle" as they called it. I gave him a hug and it was night the girls were asleep but he went upstairs and we woke them up. The girls were so happy, they were groggy, but very happy to see daddy.

I will never forget that day. How slow I was to realize what was happening in our own country. Something that hasnt happened since the civil war...we were being attacked on our own back yard with our own stuff. I remembered my cousin who was stationed in D.C. he was sent to help clean up ground zero for a few weeks. I knew he was in D.C. and I did worry for his safety. The thought of deployment lingered in the air. Marty was attached to an infantry unit, I knew that at any moment that phone could ring in the middle of the night and he would have to go. I prayed.

I thought about those people who died in those towers, I thought about those who went in to try to find survivors, not knowing that they were walking into their own graves. I prayed for them for their souls. I asked GOD to take them up to heaven without question. I felt bad for the fatherless children. I cried for them. We had hero's here, but when those towers came down, heaven became a great shining light. We now have hero's watching over us. One this is for sure, we felt safe here in the U.S. I don't know why. We had been attacked here before, so why did we ignore the signs. We must never fall back into a sense of Serene peace. If we do, we are doomed to repeat our past. So in our sorrow, even 8 yrs later, or 10 or 50...we have to remember and always keep our guard up, but we must always remember those hero's, because that day heaven became a better place.

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