Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its for a reason

I am sitting here watching the news and listening on the fires in Cali. What gets me are those people who are not heading the evacuation warnings. Seriously!! Loose your life over a HOUSE...a house is nothing compared to you...your life. I mean I think I understand not wanting to leave something that you worked so hard to build up, not to mention leaving all the memories behind, but you can create more memories. A house can be replaced...a home can not, because if a member of the family is missing how can that home ever be the same? So if youre reading this and you have those fires licking the back of your house, or sides or front door, LEAVE...let it go. Save yourself. You are unique, you are special, you are you and the world will be a lesser place without you.

The huricane in Baja. looks strong. Its a cat 5 already. People are leaving as fast as possible.

on a lighter note. I GOT SALES!!! on my artfire. Etsy has been getting a bit costly for me. I pay and pay but I didnt get sales. Artfire, I didnt have to pay to list, and i got 3 sales in one day! Thats a good thing. So Im sticking with Artfire. I will put some BIGGER items on etsy, but they will have to be special and one of a kind items. Other than that...thank you for the sales. GOD Bless!

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