Thursday, September 10, 2009

Such a Diva!

The Crochet Diva that is. Recently I bought 2 patterns from the Crochet Diva. I was looking for something that my daughter, Rebekah, could take with her to school. She needed something that was perfect for her to carry her cell, her money and her cosmetics. However she didnt want the big bags her friends were carrying around. I searched Etsy and I found the" Curvey Purse on the Go" for Rebekah and the DIVA Satchel for myself. You can find a deal on her blog. I will not tell you the deal, your gonna have to find it by going to THE CROCHET DIVA'S blog. I love the way the bags came out and you know what, Ive been stopped and asked where I got the bag and when I say, " I made it myself using a pattern" people are surprised. I love the patterns and the way the purses came out. Go check out the Diva on her blog! Tell her Priscilla sent you! ;o)

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