Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do we REALLY have to go through this?? SERIOUSLY?

I don't have sisters. I have 2 younger brothers and we never fought. Yes, as un believable as that sounds my brothers and I never fought and my brothers hardly if ever fought at all. It could be cause well, I didn't have to share anything with my brothers and my brothers are about 6 yrs apart so they never had anything to fight about. MARTY and his brother, according to him, fought on a daily basis. He says it was not just yelling and saying mean things...THEY FOUGHT!! FISTIES as they say it. I'm not used to it, he is.

So where am I going with this? OK so my oldest, Rebekah, is 12. She just turned 12. However shes getting "ready" for the teen years already. I call it "THE PRACTICE RUN!" For me, what gets to me is, the lack of attention she gives us. I tell her to do something and I expect her to do it. However she seems to think that she can take her time with it. The "oh as long as it gets done sometime today its OK " attitude...I don't like that. She drags, she has no concept of time. TIME STANDS STILL FOR THE LITTLE MISS! PHHTTBBB!!! YEAH RIGHT! OK so that's been my mini drama here in our home. Even Marty is getting fed up with her attitude.

New drama unfolds this morning:

Rebekah: I cant find anything to wear
in comes Erykah...
Marty: should have gotten your cloths ready last night bekah, you cant just tell EJ to take of her pants (Rebekah starts to argue here ) when we are getting ready to leave!
Rebekah: (while Marty is finishing his sentence ) DAD I LEND THEM TO HER FOR ONE DAY! NOT THE ENTIRE WEEK!!
Marty: Check your tone little girl, you don't yell at me.
Rebekah: (in a much quieter voice and tears streaming down her face) But those are my pants dad. I only have 2 pairs of pants.
Marty: Where are you other pants?
Rebekah: I DON'T KNOW?! (she realized what she did because Marty looked at her sternly and she looked down) I don't know dad?
Marty: Find them and use them?

Rebekah storms out upset and crying....she did find her khaki brown pants, but she was still upset about the other pants. Our deal at our house...GET YOUR CLOTHS READY THE NIGHT BEFORE. My little ones do that all the time. Rebekah used to do it but now she just ignores us and does her own thing. Then when things go wrong, she blames everyone else! She sees her sister wearing her pants all week long and now she wants them back? UUGGHHH!!

I really don't want to deal with "MOM SHES WEARING MY SHIRT!" thing. I buy cloths and I remind them they are to SHARE the cloths. I tell my mom and my MIL that when they buy cloths for them, to make sure they don't get them EACH their own...they need to learn to share. It seems like as the days go, Rebekah seems to act out a bit. Shes not bad, she does not talk back...she knows better. We do allow our girls more freedom to tell us what they feel but it has to be don't with respect and tact. It is something that FOR ME I couldn't do with my parents. As I grew up you did what you were told. If you said anything about it in a negative way, oh you got spanked.

I know Rebekah is trying to find "herself" she is a independent young lady, yet at the same time she comes to me when she needs comfort. She is not afraid to hug me and cuddle with me in front of her friends. When her friends are telling their mothers "Stop mom your embarrassing me!" She tells me "you don't embarrass me". I feel good that she is comfortable. So its not really your typical pushing away of the parents thing, its more of sibling rivalry. I never went through I'm not sure how I'm gonna handle it. Marty dealt with BOY hes not much help either. Oh whats a mother to do. Oh well, just take it in day by day.

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