Monday, October 26, 2009

Is it that unimaginable?

I was watching the news today, our local news. In one segment they said a man joined the military and I quote " JUST FOR THE INSURANCE FOR HIS WIFE". Really is it that hard to believe? I know so many people who have done it. Shoot Marty joined the military for the benefits too! Insurance is expensive...Ive known that since I was young. My dad had GREAT insurance coverage for us, but he paid out the ASS for it! Then I turned 20 and I was pregnant. Marty and I got married and despite his parents and my saying not to him going the army, Marty being a headstrong man, went anyways. I wanted him to continue his education, I was still going to school and we had family here. Still we went, his reasoning...INSURANCE!

He said he needed to provide for his family, he needed to take care of his new family. He hates asking for help and so he went this way. I was scared. I had never left home, I had never lived away from my family. Heck my dad was the typical "Hispanic" father that believes a young woman is NOT TO LIVE outside of DADS protection. A man can use her and abuse her. She doesn't know better! Really I was his only daughter and I think he had issues with letting me go, but that's another blog.

A lot of people have a hard time letting their children go. I might, have a hard time. A lot more people have a HARDER time letting their child go to the military...I might NOT. I think its a noble thing to do...but my girls will have their degrees before they go. Over my dead body will they be enlisted, they will go commissioned officers if they join the military! The military was a scary thing for me, again for above reasons. I learned a lot about myself. We had so many good memories, we did have some not so good memories. For example, Marty missed Erykahs 1st bday and the birth of Jesykah. All in all the milestones missed wasn't all that bad. We got to travle the world, live abroad and the girls have a vast knowledge of other cultures, other foods, other languages. We didn't have to worry when Erykah had RSV 3 times then diagnosed with ASTHMA. I didn't worry when she got Kawasaki's Disease. I didn't have to worry when Rebekah was born early and so was Jesykah. Or when Jesykah stopped breathing at 2 months and had to be rushed to the hospital...I DIDN'T HAVE TO WORRY! Everything was covered, everything was taken care of.

It is a good life, don't bash it. It takes care of families, yes its scary, but it can be a life long lesson for your kids. You have to be open minded, be willing to travel to countries you do not know the language and just IMMERSE yourself in it. I loved it, I hope we do go back to the Army. I still have lots of countries to visit...LONDON, PARIS, CHINA AND MORE!

The military is a great place...a very great place to be. You just have to be strong and open minded.


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