Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wow...butterlfies are all over!

Today it felt as though FALL finally came to our little boring town. Honestly, it was a trick of nature. It was really nice in the morning, nice and cool we opened up the windows to conserve energy here (eeheem...lower our electric bill). Marty even cut the grass. Well I hadnt gone outside and the girls come in yelling "MOMMY MOMMY!!! DO WE HAVE GLASS JARS" I say "For what for what??!!" they say "CUZ WE ARE CATCHING BUTTEFLIES!!" Hmm..ok, Ill bite. I go outside and WOWZAS!! THERE WAS A SWARM (if you want to use the word swarm to describe a lot them) BUTTERLFLIES. I am not kidding. Everwhere we went there were brown, yellow, green and YES even BLUE butterflies!! Yeah by like 12 noon...IT WAS HOT AGAIN! Now its ok, but..honestly not cool enough for me.

If they are still here tomorrow, I will take pics, yes, I will snap away, i will go to the park and just click away. They are so beautiful. It almost makes living in this boring city ok.

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