Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My favorite part of the year technically started today. The shopping for ingredients for the turkey, pies, taters and more...YUM! I cant wait. I love the holiday season. Not for the consumerism the media throws at us. I love it because its is the only small time frame of the year everyone puts their issues aside and embraces the love of family and friends...even sometimes strangers. We all start to see the year that has past us by and in most of us, it gets us thinking "WAS I GOOD? WHAT DID I DO TO CHANGE THE WORLD? DID I MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONES LIFE?"

So I think to myself and I think I did OK this past year...but what am I thankful for?

Well here it goes

I am thankful for my husband, he is supportive and believes in me more than i believe in myself. He truly is my biggest fan!

I'm thankful for Rebekah...she is a strong leader. She loves her sisters to the end, always protecting them at all times. Shes tough, very intelligent, beautiful on the inside as well as the out. She is a crafty kid that can come up with some wonderful poems.

I'm thankful for Erykah-Marie. She is sensitive to others needs. She fights for whats right and makes sure everyone is treated fairly. This little girl is a walking brain..I swear she is Einstein reincarnated! She is very musically talented and always tries new things even though it may be scary she faces her fears and goes head first.

I'm thankful for my Monikah. She is very sensitive girl. She loves to sing, she loves to laugh. She loves to draw and craft. She makes sure that her daddy is taken care of.

I'm thankful for my sweet Jesykah. She is so caring...and always makes sure that MOM is taken care of. She loves unconditionally. She always puts others first, makes sure they are taken care of. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She is the light of the family.

I'm thankful that I have fairly good health. I could be worse off. I'm thankful for the work the Lord gives us so that we can provide for our children. We have a roof over our heads, warm beds to sleep in, plenty of food to keep us happy and all the little extras that we enjoy.

I'm thankful for my faith. I'm glad that GOD gives me the heart to keep believing in him no matter what comes my way. I am so thankful for my family. My mom and dad are my world. My brothers, no matter what, they are the best people I know. I'm thankful for all my friends that Ive had for many years, and all the new friends I continue to make. Each one adds a wonderful light to my life. Each one is a special piece in my life's puzzle.

I just so thankful for everyone and everything that GOD has blessed me with. I'm thankful for the talents and the "brain" he has blessed me with. I am just so thankful for all of it...the blue skies, the birds that sing in the morning and at night. I'm thankful for the breezes during hot summer days and the cool winds in winter. I'm thankful for rainy days and the sounds of the rain on my roof and my back porch. I'm thankful for the wonderful paintings my girls make that hang on my dinning room wall. The wonderful love, light and innocence that they portrait of a young child's mind. It reminds me of the great responsibility I have to mold these children to be great citizens and stewards for the human population of the WORLD.

Thank you GOD for everything and everyone in my life. All of you have a BLESSED Thanksgiving. Remember to love your family right may not have tomorrow to tell them how much they mean to you. Make each moment count, each breath you take mean something. GOD BLESS!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So Chic Boutique Wipe Cases

You know I wish I knew how to do this when I had babies. Now I want a baby just to make me some of these just for me! Since that wont happen unless I have a miracle from GOD, I am making them for you and your little bundles of JOY! Go to my etsy, website or artfire shops and you can find these very pretty wipe cases to suit your taste. I will be adding matching changing pads, bibs and bags to these at a later date.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Guidelines...Good or Bad?

Did you hear about the new Breast Cancer Mammography recommended Guidelines?

Suggested start to get your FIRST mammography is now 50...not 40 like before.
Giving yourself self breast exams at home is now a BIG NO NO!

Ok well I have a bone to pick. Honestly...50? I mean I know of women who have had breast cancer at 20!!! One girl I heard she was 16 YEARS OLD!!! I mean seriously. I know they checked out over 60,000 women in all ages, all ways of diagnosis, but still.

I heard, on the Today show, that women under 50 have dense breasts. Dense breasts are hard to read...they are a lot of work. LAZIES!!! Get off your fat asses and do something else. It is also recommended that women with dense breasts get an MRI. Just because you don't want to do the work, does not mean you put a woman's life at risk. So they are supposed to wait till they are 50 IF THEY EVEN GET TO BE 50 because your to lazy to read 'DENSE BREAST MAMOGRAPHIES!?'

As for the self breast exams...there are rules to that. Check yourself AFTER your period...not before. I check myself 2 days after mine. Why? Well because when your ovulating, hormones cause our breast to do funny things. I know my breasts (TMI HERE) feel the same way the felt when I was breastfeeding my girls. The feeling of my milk coming down. That tingle sensations...yeah...thats what I feel. I have found some lumps on my breasts but they are the ducts. Its the now I wait till AFTER my period and yes I did read this, and hear it, that is its best to do this right after you are done with your menstruation.

They said self checking causes a lot of anxiety, a lot of "undue" stress. However, I like to be better safe than sorry. Heck, check your armpits too. They are also part of your breast area...don't you know? I one time found a lump in my armpit...I was freaking out. I went to my OBGYN...I told him about was a blocked sweat gland. YES I did feel a little embarrassed but you know what, not so much. Id rather sound like a neurotic hypochondriac than later on finding out that it was something I needed to take seriously. By the way just so you know...I am a semi-hypochondriac...LOL

either way...there is a lot of controversy over the new guidelines and rightfully so. So many women have saved their own lives by checking themselves. DONT STOP LADIES...CONTINUE YOUR SELF CHECK EXAMS...DEMAN MAMOGRAMS!!! Esp if you have a history of CANCER in your family! Even women with no history of breast cancer in their family have been surprised by this enemy...young vibrant women in their 20's, 30's and 40's. Their lives have been saved because of mammograms and self check exams. So don't buy the hype. Continue to do what your doing. We need to look out for ourselves. No one looks out for a woman, only we can take that step to make sure we are here for our future...our children and our grandchildren. We need to be our own boss and make our docs listen to us. Because even though we nag...we are usually right...hardly ever EVER wrong.

Monday, November 16, 2009

So whadaya think?

So I was scratching my head as to what to do with my blog. I was bored with the look. Someone I met because of Cafemom does graphics. Her name Chassity Oquendo. Her shop I love the way she created the graphics. It sort of transitions great from my website to my blog! LOVE IT!!! So what do you think? Let me know. Like it, check out Chassity's blog, maybe hire her to do your own blog set too ;o)