Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update: Recap 2010

Maybe I spoke to soon.  When I posted my 2010 recap blog post, little did I know that in 24 hours our family would loose another member.  Yes, that is what happened.  I never got to meet my little cousin.  She lived in Oregon and is the daughter of my dad's brother Raul Garza. Her life was cut short due to a car accident. Here she is:

Beautiful isn't she? Yeah that's the Garza part of the family...we have great looks!  Still, in all seriousness.  Her life was taken away by 2 major factors that can be prevented.  She got in a car that was being driven by someone who had been drinking and she possibly wasn't wearing a seat belt. She was ejected out of her car when the vehicle went out of control.  I could never imagine and I hope GOD never puts that kind of test on me to ever go through a loss of a child, what my uncle may be going through.  My heartfelt condolences go out to him and Ashley's brothers and sister. 

My reason for this post, is not to bring about sadness.  I don't want my cousins death to be in vain.  She was 20 and her life could have been saved.  Please, don't drink and drive.  Don't get in a car with a person who has been a cab, call a friend, call someone, just don't get into that car. Always, ALWAYS wear your seat belts.  It doesn't matter if you are in the back seat.  Ashely was in the back seat...and she flew out of the car.  There were 3 other people in that car, they all survived.  Its a very had lesson for our family, but I want it to be a lesson to all. I am now making sure all my girls buckle up when we get into our truck.  I will not move until they are all buckled in. 

Be safe my friends...I don't want to hear of anymore losses, the closing of this year couldn't get here any faster.  Till 2011!!!


Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 in a Nutshell

I've been sitting here these past few days while my embroidery machine sings to me in the back ground.  Its been a busy week getting custom orders out the door, and it will be a busy last week as we close 2010.  I am able to take a slight peek into peoples lives as they write what 2010 brought them, the good and not so I sit here wanting to do the here it goes.

We came into 2010 with Rebekah and her middle school team having had won the NCA Championship.  We were thinking of what dress Rebekah should wear for her presentation and Erykah for her prom.  Now Rebekah is on her last run of 8th grade and my little girl will be a Freshman in High school in 2011.  Erykah is in 6th grade and will enjoy having the middle school campus to sisters around, well at least till 2012.  This year was also the year my Bekah turned a teenager!  When she did that she brought EVERYTHING it means to be a teen...EVERYTHING!  Either way, she is a great kid, she loves life, she loves art and photography.  Erykah just turned 12 and is doing amazing in school.  She took to middle school like a fish in water! 

Monikah and Jesykah went from 1st and 3rd to 2nd and 4th with ease...but without some good friends of theirs.  Maura and Katie, whom Monikah had known first, went back to NY with their family.  Because Monikah knew these sweet kids...I met 2 wonderful ladies whom I wish I had more time to get to know, but well, I didn't.  Jane, who I swear is a saint!  That woman could have a bus load of kids in her home and still be calm like a saint!  I look up to her, I learned something from her and I didn't tell her but still, if she reads this, I learned that we all need to take life one step at a time.  I never really saw her get upset or on edge with her kids...something I need to practice.  I also met Kyli.  That girl is CRAZY, in a good way.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and well, they too had to move :o( Either way, I'm glad I met them.  They are wonderful women and meeting them, well that was just more frosting on my cake!

I'm sure if you keep up with my posts, that we were in a small house that was about to burst at the seams.  Wtih all my "artsiness" everywhere, I had taken over the dinning area and some other parts.  Don't get me wrong...that little house was a wonderful start to our lives back in Laredo.  However the girls got big, and things also expanded.  I always believe that things happen for a reason.  My friend could not sell her house, well she tried and it had gone into contract but the buyers backed away at the last possible minute.  Well there was an opportunity for us.  We were able to rent the house from them...its much bigger,MUCH BIGGER and we were able to take away some of the burden off of them.  So the buyers backing out was a blessing for us.   So now we are a bit more spread out and the girls are not always on top of each other...and we have out dinning table back for meals!

However all this good news is just  a surface to cover worries.  We had been praying for my cousins wife who was fighting cancer for almost a year and we had also found out my uncle had lymphoma just a few months after Monikah and Jesykahs bdays.  We lost both of them the last week of November. Both of them passed less than a week from each other.  However something that my aunt said made it a bit more comforting for me with both of their passings.  My cousins wife was only 41.  She had 3 kids a 3, 10 and 13 yr old.  She was afraid to pass and was fighting it.  My uncle passed, not because of his cancer...his heart just stopped.  So my aunt said to me, his wife "Maybe she just needed someone to help her cross and she couldn't do it herself?"  So I feel my uncle helped her understand it was OK to go. 

So this Christmas for our family it is bitter sweet, but its a reminder...and its a lesson Ive learned LONG ago when my best friend passed at 23, almost 12 years ago.  Life is fragile.  Don't spend your time hating, wishing and wanting.  Prepare for the future but always know you might now have tomorrow.  That is why today is called the present...because its a gift.  Tell the ones you love "I love you"  I always say it, you may think "Oh they know" but saying it makes real.  Its assuring, its like a warm blanket that envelopes you.  I LOVE YOU!  Don't wait till its too late. 

So this Christmas, be happy for what you have, don't despair for not having what you want.  The best surrounds you..the Love of family, whether they are physically here or spiritually around. I thank GOD for the blessings he has given me this past year. The continuing of old friendships and  the new friendships that I hope continue on even though they are far away now, a great family, and a wonderful place to share with them. And even though he took 2 family member home with him, I know they are still here...singing with us and sending us all love. 


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

If your not from the states then you might not know today is a day where we thank our nations military veterans.  I come from a long line of veterans.  My grandpa, my dad, my grandpas brother, and even my husband, they are all veterans.  Going from the Korean conflict to current wars, my relatives all fought in one or more of them.  I just want to say to all vets THANK YOU! Thank you so much for everything you have done.  You have made sure that our freedoms have not been stripped away.  Freedom is not free...and I mourn every drop of blood that has been spilled.  I know that it was a hard thing to do, the life, the conditions.  Ive seen it all, not because I lived through it but because I saw my husband live through it.  All the training he had to endure all good and necessary but still.  I had to see him come home dirty, tired, SMELLY, and HUNGRY.  He would leave nice and plump and come back as thin as a chicken bone! It was a hard life and yet I can not complain.  It was a wonderful life...I loved military life...I love my husband, I love my dad and my grandfathers who were in the military as well.  Thank you and I salute you!

Lip action!!!

Well, something to help you with that actually! WE are now going to carry LIP BALMS!  I know, or at least I think Ive mentioned it before, but today I made two batches of lip balms.  One was pink lemonade the other bubblegum.  I added some wonderful skin loving lanolin to the bubblegum flavour because I know lanolin is wonderful for dry cracked, chapped skin.  I used it when I was breastfeeding my daughters.  It is so natural that I didn't have to wash before feeding time...kid just plopped on and LETS GO!   So I know that adding lanolin will help those of you who suffer from constant chapped lips.  I am in the process of creating some labels for the tubes and once I have those done...I will take pics and add them to the website. 

{Gut etwas, Ihnen mit das tatsächlich zu helfen! WIR werden jetzt LIPPEN BALSAM tragen! Ich weiß, oder wenigstens ich denke, dass ich es vorher erwähnt habe, aber heute ich habe zwei Stapel von Lippenbalsam gemacht. Einer war rosafarbene Limonade der ander bubblegum. Ich habe hinzugefügt, dass eine wunderbare Haut, die Lanolin zum bubblegum Geschmack liebt, weil ich weiß, dass Lanolin wunderbar für trockene gespaltene, raue Haut ist. Ich habe es benutzt, als ich meine Töchter stillte. Es ist so natürlich, dass ich nicht habe waschen gemusst, bevor Zeit... nur an geplumpsten Kind zuführend, und LÄSST GEHT! So kenne ich, dass hinzufügend, dass Lanolin diejenigen helfen wird, die an Konstante raue Lippen leiden. Ich bin im Verfahren, von einige Etikette für die Rohre zu schaffen, und einmal ich habe die gemachtes. ..I wird nehmen pics und wird sie der Website hinzufügen. } I really hope this is a correct or as close as correct translation as possible!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

so many to choose from!

All day today, Ive been doing research for several things. I will be adding some other Bath and Body items to my shop. One of them being my girls favorite...LIP BALMS!  I have been looking for the best way to make my recipe. I have searched and searched and searched and I believe I have an idea of a GREAT lip balm product.  I have searched for flavour oils...I have battled with the thought of sweetening my balms or not, maybe yes AND no. At the same time, I'm also looking at the scents for candles. A lot of the flavour oils I am finding are not only safe for body use, but I can also use them for my candles.  So I'm thinking and I say to myself, " can make a large SPA package for people to buy" and I think THAT'S A GOOD IDEA! 

So now, I want to know, What are your favorite scents and flavours for candles and lip balms.  Let me know.

{Den ganzen Tag heute habe ich Forschung für mehrere Dinge gemacht. Ich werde ein anderes Bad und Körper Dinge zu meinem Laden hinzufügen. Einer, von der sie mein Mädchenliebling sind,... LIPPEN BALSAM! Ich habe den besten Weg gesucht, mein Rezept zu machen. Ich habe gesucht und habe gesucht und habe gesucht und ich glaube, dass ich eine Idee eines GROSSEN Lippenbalsamesprodukts habe. Ich habe Geschmacköle gesucht. ..Ich hat gekämpft mit dem Gedanken, von meine Balsam oder nicht, vielleicht ja UND Nr. gleichzeitig zu süßen, schaue ich auch die Wohlgerüche für Kerzen an. Viele die Geschmacköle, die ich finde, sind nicht nur sicher für Körpergebrauch, aber ich kann auch sie für meine Kerzen benutzen. So denke ich und ich sage zu mich selbst, „Selbst... Sie können ein großes BAD Paket für Leute machen zu kaufen“ und ich denke, dass DAS EINE GUTE IDEE IST!

So jetzt will ich wissen, Was Ihre Lieblingswohlgerüche und Geschmäcke für Kerzen und Lippenbalsam ist. Lassen Sie mich wissen. }

Sunday, October 31, 2010

it is......

HALLOWEEN! It is time for the ghouls and gals to come knocking on doors yelling out "TRICK OR TREAT!"  We went to a party last night at my cousins house...wish I had photos to share, but I was busy talking so my camera was all alone on the dinning table...sad, and lonely! hehehehe.  I dressed up as BRUNHILDA...the German bar maide.  Can you tell, I have been enchanted with Germany...I love almost anything German...I miss it so much.  So tonight, when you take your little ones, make sure to have flashlights, light reflectors, and be very careful.  I would love to see pictures of your pumpkins in their costumes...I love seeing what others come up with for this day. Well you guys, HAVE FUN!

{Heute ist Halloween in die U.S.A. Wenn Sie es feiern, haben Sie Spaß und seien Sie sicher!}

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

finally, I rest!

Can you say OY! WHAT A WEEK!? Hahaha...yes this past week, it has been so hectic I neglected house chores.  It all started actually about 2 weeks ago.  PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE for cheer competition. Saturday we left to San Antonio.  Sunday was Cheer Power.  Before Cheer Power, not only were the girls practicing for competition, they practiced for their 8th grade dances! So we were up and down.  So, where was I? Oh yes! Sunday Cheerpower.  Monday PEPRALLY at one campus, come back to the main campus practice from 3-9 for 2 different dances the girls had to do.  TUESDAY...I had to make 4 banners...2 large banners and 2 smaller ones, but it was all hand drawn by me, all colorized by me using soft pastels.  On top of that, we also had to volunteer to sell at the concession stand.  After we cleaned...LIFTING heavy boxes of sodas, waters and other stuff.  TODAY I felt like a small car hit me, my body hurt.  But I was so happy...we get to least till Dec. Then it starts all over for NCA!!  A life of a cheer mom.

Here are the videos...enjoy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lets get it up there!!!

My fans number on my FB page that is !!!  Right now if you go and "LIKE" and add my page to your favorites list, you will be entered to win a 4oz Christmas scent candle ! ANY SCENT YOU LIKE ( so long as I have it in stock ) . So pass it around, let your friends know, make sure they give YOU credit for sending them.  The more you send the more times you name will be put into the drawing.  SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ....GO !

{Meine Anhänger zählen auf meiner FB Seite, die ist,!!! Jetzt, wenn Sie und gehen, "LIKE" und hinzufügt, dass meine Seite zu Ihren Lieblingen aufführt, werden Sie eingetragen werden, eine 4oz Weihnachtswohlgeruch Kerze zu gewinnen! IRGENDEIN WOHLGERUCH SIE MAG (so lang, während ich es in Aktie) habe. Gehen Sie so daran herum, vorbei lassen Sie Ihre Freunde, kennen vergewissern Sie sich, dass sie SIE geben, kreditieren für Schicken sie. Das mehrere, das Sie das mehrere schicken, misst Zeit Sie nennen wird gestellt werden in die Zeichnung. SO WAS SIE IST, der AUF ....GO WARTET! }

XoXo Priscilla  XoXo

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aromaments© are here!!!

What are they, you ask?  Simply put VERY PRETTY air fresheners. They are much like their cardboard cousins the car air freshener but Aromaments© last longer and look much prettier! You can hang these just about anywhere...average life of just one is about 2-4 months depending on the climate you live in. If you are in an area that has really hot days your Aromament© will last you 2 months or just a bit more...cooler climates can enjoy it for up to or just about 4-6 months.  I will be working on more scents and different shapes too.  These are perfect for gift giving or even to deck out your house for the holidays.  I wills soon carry a Christmas tree scent so if you want the natural tree scent but not the work of a real tree...this could be your solution.

{Was sind sie, Sie fragen? Stellen Sie einfach SEHR HÜBSCHE Lufterfrischer. Sie sind viel, wie ihre Pappenvettern der Autolufterfrischer aber Aromaments© zuletzt länger und viel hübscher anschaut! Sie können diese nur um irgendwo hängen... durchschnittliches Leben von nur einem ist ungefähr 2-4 Monate, die vom Klima abhängen, das Sie hinein leben. Wenn Sie in einem Gebiet sind, das wirklich heißen Tage Ihr Aromament© hat, wird dauern Sie 2 Monate oder nur ganz wenig mehr... kühlere Klimas können es für bis zu oder so ziemlich 4-6 Monate genießen. Ich werde mehr Wohlgerüche und verschiedene Gestalten auch bearbeiten. Diese sind perfekt zum Geschenk von Geben oder sogar, Ihr Haus für die Feiertage herauszuputzen. Ich werde bald einen Weihnachtsbaumswohlgeruch tragen, so wenn Sie den natürlichen Baumswohlgeruch aber nicht die Arbeit eines wirklichen Baums. wollen.. dies könnte Ihre Lösung sein. }

Saturday, October 9, 2010, OOOHHH the joy!

....with a lot of sarcasm there, but really its nice to have my own business.  I went to Marty today and I sat next to him after almost hours on the computer fixing my shop... so I asked him "Why .. WHY did I ever want to have my own business?"  He just looked at me with a blank face.  I just giggled.  It is a lot of work but its work I LOVE doing, well the creative process.  There are times I just wish I had a magic wand or spell and just "FLICK AND SWISH" and my website with all my wonderful goodies were up and ready for you. Still I wouldn't have it any other way.  I get to meet great new people and I keep in contact with great friends.  I'm working hard...more stuff is to come I promise.  I have been filled with lots of blessings and I am so grateful for that.  Now I just need to plant those blessings, feed them and watch them grown.  Right now, SWEAT, BLOOD, TEARS...tomorrow reap the rewards...have a good Sunday!!!

{...Mit vielem Sarkasmus dort, aber wirklich seines nettes, mein eigenes Geschäft zu haben. Ich bin zu Marty heute gegangen und ich habe neben ihm nach fast Stunden auf dem Computer gesessen, den meinen Laden repariert... so ich habe ihn gefragt „Warum.. WARUM habe ich je mein eigenes Geschäft haben wollen“? Er hat nur mich mit einem leeren Gesicht angeschaut. Ich habe nur gekichert. Es ist viele Arbeit aber seine Arbeit die ich LIEBE Machen, gut das schöpferische Verfahren. Es gibt Zeiten ich nur wünsche, dass ich habe gehabt einen Zauberstab oder Rechtschreibung und nur „LEICHTER SCHLAG UND ZISCHEN“ und meine Website mit allen meinem wunderbaren waren prima auf und vorbereitet für Sie. Nicht noch hätte ich es anderer Weg. Ich darf mich große neue Leute treffen und ich behalte in Kontakt mit großen Freunden. Ich arbeite hart. ..more Stoff ist, ich zu kommen, verspreche. Ich bin mit vielen Segnungen gefüllt worden und ich bin so dankbar dafür. Jetzt muss ich nur die Segnungen pflanzen, führt sie zu und schaut ihnen zu, die gewachsen werden. Jetzt SCHWEISS, BLUT, RISSE. .. morgen erntet die Belohnungen. ..haben einen guten Sonntag}

Friday, October 8, 2010

Boutique Cafe Holiday Gift Guide is now OUT!

 2010 Holiday Gift Guide is LIVE! Share it! Shop it! Save with it!
Daria has put this Gift Guide for about 5 years now...or so.  I just love it...its chalk full of wonderful places you can shop for gifts.  Why settle for the ordinary...GIVE EXTRAORDINARY!!!  Visit Daria at Boutique Cafe and check out the Guide.

{Daria hat diesen Geschenkführer für ungefähr 5 Jahre jetzt gestellt... oder so. Ich liebe nur es... seine Kreide voll von wunderbaren Orten Sie können für Geschenke einkaufen. Warum für das gewöhnliche beseitigt... GEBEN Sie AUSSERORDENTLICH!!! Besuchen Sie Daria an Boutiquencafé und Kontrolle aus dem Führer} german friends let me know if I messed up! lol Im still practicing!

Priscilla xoxo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

and the hits keep a coming!

So yesterday I was shuttling the girls to school, when "Owwie that hurts" I said. However it went as fast as it hit me. Hmmm, I thought. Throughout the day my tummy ached but I was determined not to let the pain get to me so I chugged along. THEN... 4 comes around and my dinner from the night before and breakfast from that morning makes it's way up. I have the STOMACH FLU!!!! It hit me hard and strong. Now the girls have it and yes guess who else??? MARTY, he has the symptoms too. Geesh poor Guy,first appendicitis now tummy troubles! I just have to think positive, I have to. Well later!
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Insult to injury? what a week!

Well sort of. Marty had his appendix out on Monday. Poor thing he has be suffering from pain for a week. First the appendix pain then post surgery pain and to add insult to injury he caught some bug that makes him cough. THEN his allergies are on high alert too!!! SNEEZING AND COUGHING after SURGERY!!! Yeah that's NOT a walk in the park. Its been a week...he's getting better each day but I need him to be himself soon...STRONG....
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Friday, September 17, 2010




Yes, there you have it…my new line for candle and bath products is now called Luminous Scents.  I am making hand poured soy candles, soy tarts, aroma beads and more. 

If your looking for a big order for, lets say, weddings…send me and email and we can discuss details. 

(I am practicing German so I will also write my blogs translated in German.  German friends…correct me when you see something wrong please :o) 

Ja, da haben Sie es. Meine neue Linie für Kerze und Bad Produkte heißt jetzt Luminous Scents.

soy candles 025

soy candles 020

you can find Luminous Scents Candles and Bath products on my website or my etsy shop

( Sie finden diese auf meiner Website oder Etsy-Shop)

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

(Haben Sie ein gutes Wochenende!)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Memories, School Time…cheer?!

I dont think I know of any kid who is happy school is here, but I can surely tell you how many moms I know that are  happy school started again!  LOL…my kids say I mean ;o)
I remember when the girls were out for summer break.  I thought “NEARLY 3 MONTHS OF SUMMER!!?? GAH WHAT AM I GONNA DO?” now I think about it and it seems to have flown by.  As always the girls had a busy summer with their cheerleading. 

Erykah is now in 6th grade and is also a cheerleader for the middle school team along with her big sister Rebekah, who is in 8th grade!  Yes..she will be a HIGHSCHOOLER NEXT YEAR!  Did you hear that?  My heart skipped a beat.  Erykah is as happy as a bee on honey! She said to me “LOTS OF CUTE BOYS MOM!”  oh boy *rolling eyes here* See our middle school pools together about 3 or 4 other elementary schools, so there are people in there that she has never met! Rebekah is intent on making it one wonderful final middle school year.  She got a new hair cut.
girls 011
She looks so grown up now.  She also turned 13.  She still acts like a 3 yr old though…of course all teenagers amplify their need for attention x40! hahahaha  We also moved during the summer.  Still living in hell…ughh..Laredo. We just needed a bigger house.  We were busting out the seams at the other house.  It started to look like a over stuffed cottage! So a dear friend of mine was trying to sell her house but with this market well you know.  So I said “If your willing to rent, let me know” and so here we are now.  We gained just about 1K of sqft more.  I have my own sewing room AND I also have my scrapbook area. So I got 2 for the price of one.  Its so funny cause my landlord…who is used to live in this house, says to me “OH I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT WHEN I LIVED HERE!” or “Oh I wish I had a X room for myself!”  I find it so funny that she says that now when she’s not living here anymore.  I hope they don’t kick us out when our lease is up?!  hahahaha NO shes a very good landlord…I love her!
Ok so now, Im still working on my sewing room.  I want to get into making my stuff but its one disorganized mess!  However, I can make my candles and soaps.  I will be working on Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff here in a moment.  You can call it my fall line…I want you to tell me what you want to see.  Would you rather have a candle that can be used all through out fall? Or would you like a “themed” candle?  You now like a jack-o-lantern looking candle and soap?  I really want your feedback.  Well thats pretty much the summation of my summer and what my plans are for my customers.  Hope you guys are having a wonderful back to school.  I hope your kids have a wonderful teacher and those of you who are YET to head back to school and are still enjoying summer break, well HAVE FUN!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moving? Keep this in mind.

We just moved to a bigger better house.  We gained just over 1000 sqft! So moving was a no brainer.  We have more room to spread out, the girls are not all on each other...and we are more at harmony.  Here's the thing...this was our first "CIVILIAN MOVE".  These are things that totally caught me of guard, even Marty.  So if you haven't done a move, or your going from military to civilian life after SO MANY YEARS...learn from us.

When you change over your services i.e. water, sewer, garbage, electricity, and so forth...know that you may get charged transfer fees.  Also realized...that once you are moved into your new home, you will get a double bill. You will get the final bill for the previous home and the new bill for your new home.  For example...I just received our final bill for our old house.  2 days later we got the bill for our new house (it included the transfer fees)  Its a bit on the stress level of 8.5 because now I have a nearly $400.00 bill...but still, I don't mind, I like our new home...and I'm glad we moved.  I'm just putting this out there for those of you who are moving and are wondering how this whole transfer of services will work.  Normally that's how it works.  OH AND ONE MORE THING...before you may need to clear any balance you have.  Example:  I had to go an pay my bill at the our city utilities place.  I paid over 100 bucks to clear all that I get a over 100 dollar bill as my final bill??? Really?  I have to call them, but make sure you have everything in order in case anything like this happens.  I think they just made a mistake.  OK well, its been over 2 weeks already and I'm still unpacking.  Ill update you as often as I can.  PEACE LOVE AND CHICKEN GREASE!

Monday, May 31, 2010

I feel the winds of inspiration passing by

I have to say, I closed my little shop because I just didnt feel it anymore.  I wasnt getting into what I was doing at all, it almost seamed like a chore to me.  Well, I have been given the breath of new inspiration again.  I dont know what it was, dont know what did it, but Ive been feeling the want to get into it again.  Ive been watching youtube a lot the soap queen channel, and it has given me more ideas as to what I can do.  I am getting my new washer this Wed, and I will wash most of my fabrics and prep them to be sewn into something wonderful.  Im gonna scale down my inventory...and just carry some stuff.  My new categories? Im still sticking to bows...I love ribbon.  but with ribbon I will also be making some shoe laces that can be customized for your little ones...BOYS OR GIRLS.

Im also going to include basic soaps and candles.  Im gonna give the whole cold processed soap making a go...but for now only Melt and Pour and French Milled soaps for now.

Ill keep you posted.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Dollar Match Ups

Went to Family dollar today just went for 2 items looked for other deals...these are the only 2 I got

LA Looks 20 oz 2.25
-1.00 5/23/10 SS (I think) myabe RP
-.50 in store coupon here

Charmin Basic 4 Big Squeez 2.25
- 1.00 P&G mailer

Paid with tax

Ok went back after I actually sat down and took a look at some coupons I is the break down for my second trip. I have to get better with what coupons from what insert I Im so sorry. Just know they are all from either SS or RP 5/23/10 inserts unless otherwise noted.

Suave Deoderant 1.00
-.50 5/23/10 SS

2 Airwick Aerosol 1.00 ea.
- 1-buy 2 get $1 off IP coupon go to The Karzy Coupon Lady and look for Airwick Aerosol
= .50 each aerosol

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes 2.50
- $1.00

Sun 2X Luandry Detergent 29loads 2.00
-.50 5/23/10

Secret Deodorant 1.50

2 Suave Body Washes 12 oz $2.00 eac
- 1 B1G1
= $1.00 ea bottle (this coupon did have a stipulation on it. Limit was the free one had to be 2.00 or less so I got 2 bottles that were exactly $2.00 ea)

Total before coupons was 13.00 before tax
after coupons 6.50 before tax... Im liking this couponing thing!!!

Although the guy, who Im guessing worked all day long there cause he was there at 9 am and was still there at nearly 7 pm, looked at me like I was trying to steal. I was a bit offended. I guess hes never see anyone with so many coupons before...geesh man, the stores gonna get its money either from my pocket or the manufacturers pocket...oh well, Im still happy and dancing here!!! hehehe

Crazy over here!

So your probably wondering what all those un-titled posts are about??? Well, they are savings, coupons, deals things you might be intrested in.  From food to clothing to groceries.  Im sending them to you with love <3<3<3 LOL.  I have an app on my phone called "THE COUPONS APP" on my phone you can find it on the Android Market.  I have an HTC Fender LTD edition phone.  Im sure you can get it for the other touch phones too.  However, there are a lot of deals out there to be found.  There was a 20% off coupon for ANY Bath and Body works item.  Another one was a dozen free wings at a wings place ONLY if you tried them with one of their new flavors.

So if you see an UN-TITLED might want to check it might be some deal to take the family out to eat.  It could be a "free" panty from Victorias Secret...something cool.

So now today I went to Family Dollar to get some savings.  I pulled out my coupons binder and tried to see if I could get more deals.  I knew what I was going there for. Here is what I got...only 2 things...but still

LA Looks 20oz gel sells for 2.25
manufacturer cpn. -1.00
in store cpn. -.50
Making that gell only .75 cents

Charmin 2.25
manufacturer cpn. -1.00
making paper only 1.25

There is another deal (well here in Laredo, might be a regional thing)
Airwick Spray is on Sale for onnly 1.00
online here you can download an IP coupon
for a buy 2 get $1. off
That makes each spray only .50 cents!!!  Not a bad deal huh???  So print as many as you can. and stock up!
Via TheCouponsApp: (Bath & Body Works) -
for my coupon DIVAS! Via TheCouponsApp: (BJs Wholesale Club) -

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Via TheCouponsApp: (Buffalo Wild Wings) -
Via TheCouponsApp: (Carters) - (OshKosh Bgosh) -
Via TheCouponsApp: (Bath & Body Works) -
Via TheCouponsApp: (Sample) - http://www.naturemade

It was just a pebble in a large lake

My couponing made a little itty bitty ripple in the large lake of life and budget.  Hmmm...I cant say I am dissapointed so much that I can say it.  We hadnt gone grocery shopping in almost 3 weeks...and we are a LARGE FAMILY of 6.  There was more that I needed than I had coupons for.  Either way, it did something.  At Target I bought a lot of stuff and I had a savings of just almost 60.00.  HEB had almost all the coupons I had in hand tagged to the items themselves.  Problem for me was...they were all "M" coupons not "S" coupons.  Either way, they had a better deal for the cereal.  I had a coupon for GM cereals "buy 2 get a $1.00 off" coupon.  HEB had a $1.00 off each box I was able to save more money there than my coupon was going to give me.  HEB I saved also just a bit over 30.00.

Still, I need to learn more. I know Im a green horn, wet behind the ears type couponer.  So I went to our Public Library and check out Sarah's book Im gonna read it and Im gonna live it at least give it all summer.  I know its time consuming but hey I have to believe it will work.  Shes a faith based person and I give my life to the Lord...I leave it in his hands.  I also believe that I have to be the one to put things in motion cause GOD can only do so much for me.  I must want it, he will help me attain it.  Im not the guy in the flood who turns away 3 rescue attempts by car, boat and helicopter saying " No thank you GOD will save me"  then he drowns in the flood and when he gets to GOD he says "HEY GOD WHY DIDNT YOU SAVE ME I BELIEVED IN YOU!" God said "HEY BUDDY! I sent you a car, a boat, and a helicopter...what else did you want?!!!" No...thats not me...Im not that man.  So yes...I will stick with it.  I have my budget all set out for the next 2 months...with room to wiggle for the girls cheer stuff.

One more thing... I will be posting more often to bring you deals around, well I guess the U.S.  So follow me on twitter, facebook, and here.  I will post them up on all the places. You will see more of me here than you probably care to!!! hahahaha...ok well then have a very blessed weekend.  I have to go tend to my poor sick Rebekah and my sick hubby.  GOD BLESS!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My second source secret...shhhh...Im gonna share with ya!

Ok Ive been hard at work...I think Im going cross eyed! OY! but you know what, I found a ton of coupons that I can pair up with store coupons thats good! Saves me more money.  Im gonna share the other place with you.

You already know of, yeah the link is over -------> there! Under .  So now Im gonna bring you...drum roll please: The Krazy Coupon Lady OMG...SHES GOT A SWARM OF COUPONS!!!  I found a ton of them there...if not almost 100% of my coupons there!  Still gotta find others to match up to my other store coupons..but for now Im good!  Still you have to check it. I hope your giving it a try.  Ok tomorrow will be my big embargo to Target with all my matched up coupons.  I will come back and give you my Total and what I actually paid...I am hoping its worth it cause I only have a budget of 175.00 for groceries this week.  GEESH THATS A TIGHT BUDGET! Ok well then its night night for now...see ya tomorrow.

OLD NAVY...Laredo Tx

This Saturday...Old Navy will be having their $1.00 FLIP FLOP SALE!!!  They will open at 7 a.m. and there is a limit of 5 flip flops per person.  So there...dont say I didnt tell you! LOL...Ill be seeing ya there...thats for sure.

My Coupon Binder is DONE!!! TADA!!!

I spent most of this morning putting it together...and organizing it.  ITS SO PUURRTTYY!!!!  HEHEHEHE granted I dont have many coupons in there, but enough for things I actually need! Here its my binder...

 here is the front part of it...I have what someone else suggested, a calculator, scissors, pens and pencils.

here I have the policy of all the stores I frequent a they dont give me any lip!

 here are the tabs that divide all of the coupons from each im not looking around and looking like a fool at the counter while the other customers are giving me the death look, snarling at me and stomping their feet.

So was worth it...cause now I see what I can get for nearly next to I have a Man. coupon there for Dawn...and a Family Dollar coupon for dawn...hell yeah!!!  That sucker is MINE!!!

Have you checked out the site I told you about...??? huh, have ya?  you should...honestly.  People always complain how the dollar does not go far these days.  Well sweetie...your gonna have to find a way to stretch that dollar and its not just gonna fall on your lap like GODS good grace! Your gonna have to work for it and really do your homework.  I mean if you dont like to do that and dont mind spending a whole lotta money then hey, who am I to say anything..its your money.  ME...I have 4 kids who love their Im gonna cut corners ANYWAY I  can find.

After this...Im gonna post a cool check it out!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We are hopping along...end of school is near!

Have you checked out the venues I mentioned on my last blog post?  If not...WHY NOT?  lol...seriously, if you want to save money you do need to think about couponing...for most of your least watch her videos.  It gives you some good advice and insight on other things...not just groceries.
I have already gone to the point where I have my coupon binder all set up.  Its not complete yet, I have to go and find some baseball card know they are like sheet protectors but instead hold up to 4 "trading" cards in there across and about another 4 down.  Yeah I need a few of those.  I need to go to Best Buy and check out that computer Ive been wanting and search for it online.  See if there isnt some kind of rebate, sales coupon, something on it. I want to pay as little as possible for it.
Hey so now...if you have girls then you might know the store Justice.  I love that store. Rebekah seemed to have outgrown that style or shes just not into the sweet dainty "princess" look my 3 other girls like.  Still she loves the jeans and shorts there. Well, Im not sure if they are still doing this, but its worth a shot to go ask.  Sign up for membership there.  Its like a rewards card.  You pay, I believe 25.00 for the year.  Then when you go shopping...even if there are NO 15,30 or their famous 40% off will always ALWAYS get 30% off with that membership card...NO MATTER WHEN OR WHAT TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!  SWEET HUH!? So everything in the store is regular sales going on...Mama Joe over there is gonna pay full price for all those cloths little missy however will be saving up a whole 30% off.  NOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN WHEN THERE IS A SALE? dont get an extra 30% on top of that 40% off sale they are getting. You get an extra 5%.  THATS ALMOST 50% OFF!!!!  Even clearance items!!! Nice huh?  They still qualify for the Justice buck they offer now and then.  I mean I stock up on nearly 500.00 worth of cloths and I only pay 55% of 500.00 yeah I like that! Then I get my Justice bucks too!!!  SWEET!
Then you go and spend your justice bucks load up...if you have your 25.00 bucks you know you spend 50, pay 25.  Spend 100, pay 50 (only if you have two of those 25.00 bucks) and so forth.  Ive gotten up to 4 of those in the past.  Well, you can STILL use your membership card to save even more bucks!  Just remember the entire total has to ring up what the card says you have to spend...thats fine with me...but if you think about it you will buy a LOT MORE...for a lot less! Ok done talking savings.
Well enough about coupons for now...although I LOVE LOVE LOVE saving money. END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR IS ALMOST HERE!!! crazy huh?  Rebekah and Erykah tried out for the middle school cheer team.  Keep in mind this is a very intense squad.  They are 3 time national winners AT THE HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL! These girls perform at levels most high school teams can not accomplish. Yeah...they both made it! So they are excited.  Two sisters on one team thats gonna be fun...hmm? This coming year will be Rebekahs 8th grade year! YIKES where has the time gone.  Yesterday, I came across some photos my mom and dad have of Rebekah when she was 2 years old.  I remember that day.  We were living in Killeen and there was a petting zoo at the civic center there.  We took Bekah and Erykah (they were the only ones then) to the zoo.  There was some fire trucks there as well.  Rebekah was on a truck with a plastic kids fire helmet on.  OMG...I wanted to cry.  My baby is growing up so fast.  Rebekah started to laugh at me...she said "Mom Ill always be your baby" .  I know, but I MISS my baby.  *sigh* So yeah...this next year will be Rebekahs 8th grade year and she will turn 13.  After that...HIGH SCHOOL! I always said I would be the first to open the door and say BYE BYE to the girls when its time for them to go to college, but as that time gets closer and closer...Im not so sure anymore.  I mean Im not gonna be that type of mom that will guilt their child into staying at home for MY benefit.  NO WAY...but yes..thinking about the near future...well lets just say makes me really drink up the days I have with them right now.
Well, thats my daily rant for today.  I might come back and post some more.  Im want to keep this up.  2 days in a row already WOW! LOL...maybe come back during the day and post up some deals I find on the internet and FB.  Stuff my buddies are doing.  I will start work here not a "real" job, I mean getting my hand dirty with my fabrics and ribbons.  I will be working on 4th of July stuff and summer be on the look out for that.  HAVE A BLESSED DAY EVERYONE!

Monday, May 17, 2010

COUPONS...and more money???

So its been a while, huh?  Yup...still haven't bought that new computer I want.  Money has been tight around here and that got me thinking.  I remembered I had seen a woman who was put to the test with her couponing skills on the Today Show. She and the reporter had the same shopping list.  They were to do their best at saving money.  So OFF THEY GO! When they tallied up the grand total...the reporter paid 80+ bucks on her items, the coupon lady...$1 BUCK!!!!  They had the same items, all the other lady did was use coupons and other deals.  

I was amazed.  I told Marty and he thought it was a gimic...said "DONT WASTE YOUR TIME HUN" Later, though that same woman came out on the news.  Again she was put to the test at a supermarket. Same items, same list.  Reporter paid just about lady, under a buck!!!!! MARTY'S WAS FLOORED!!!  Thing was we were so into the segment that I forgot to catch the name of the woman.  I wanted to know more.  She gives "university" classes on couponing...she shows you how she saves so much money.

I happened to find her AT LAST because of Facebook.  One of my friends on my list posted an update on something about this lady and I went there RIGHT AWAY.  She has her "classes" online too!  I cant wait to see how it all works.  Now I know you think "oh its just junk you wont need"  well really she said no...not really.  So Im gonna give it a go.  We need to cut back on our expenses and if I can cut my grocery bill in half...then why not try it...right?  There is nothing you have to buy to learn her methods...just maybe a little folder to save up your coupons...and the only thing spent is a little bit of time watching her videos.  

Interested?? Well I posted a link on the side bar of my blog over there ------> Its under MONEY SAVING QUEEN.  Check it some cash and put it to better use.  Let me know how its going for you.  Ill try to keep yall posted on how my progress is going.  Its gonna be a challenge cause you do need to put away at least 30 min to an hour to start this off.  She says after a while of doing it, you can actually cut that time down to half .... when you become a "pro".  I dont mind...whats an hour to save some really good cash???  Check it out.  

Another thing I want to touch up on now that we are talking about coupons.  If you have the HTC My Touch or the market...dont know if its available for itouch ipod users...check out the app called The Coupons App.  They send you the price of the average cost of gas in your area.  They send you coupons available at stores that are probably near you.  Right now it says you can get a free $12 signature item with any $10 spend at Bath and Body works.  Its pretty cool.  To get more coupons you do have to subscribe to it monthly is .99 cents and yearly is 10.00...not bad for some serious savings.  Check both out! Let me know what you think?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Houston...we have a problem!!

Yes, for the past month or so, we have been having computer problems. First my BUSINESS computer dies, then Marty gets me this little bitty notebook but this computer is for light use not daily torture from me. Then the desk top we have is comparable to a 150 yr old person! Its running slow as molasses on a cold winters morning, then again it also runs on Windows 2000, yeah I told you it was old. So we are closing down the store for a while. I found a computer, desk top that is..that has 3 Terabytes of memory 1 whole terabytes dedicated to gaming, graphics and video!! How freaking awesome is that?! The computer alone, not keyboard no monitor, nothing, is just over 1k...that's alright, I just need the computer, I have a pretty good monitor...I just need a good computer where I can edit my photos, where it can handle my daily abuse and ask for MORE!!!

For now, I have to keep you guys updated on this with either my old geezer or my slacker computer...not to mention that I also need to figure out how to do my homework... both computers have a love hate relationship with the Internet! so for now...Rosa Dolce Designs will be closing its doors...just for a moment, until we can gather all of our stuff back up and provide you with great items again.

I am also working on making it a bit different. The name might change so be on the look out for that.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I know Ive said it before, but I have to again

I need to loose weight! I am going to follow my pregnancy diabetic diet...honestly its just the diabetic diet. Yes, I had gestational diabetes AND im knocking on diabetes 2's door right now. I want to be here for my girls, I want to see them grow up, graduate, get married and become moms. I want to be here. Ive seen my uncles loose limbs due to diabetes. NOT ME!!! I DONT WANT THAT!!! I want my sight, I want my I need to loose the weight...60 lbs thats my goal. Wanna join me? GO FOR IT. Here is the diet


15 grams of carbs

1 serving of protein

veggies (as much as you want except anything has is a carb like potatoes)

no fruits

no juice

water but coffee is ok


15 grams of carbs

1 serving of protein

as much veggies as you want except anything that has carbs like potatoes (they have to be counted as your carb intake)

fruits 1 serving of any one fruit medium size (not packed in syrup)

no juice

waer is better, but I like crystal light


30 grams of carbs

1.5 servings of protein

as much veggies as you want except anything that has carbs like potatoes (they have to be counted as your carb intake)

fruits 1 serving of any one fruit medium size (not packed in syrup)

juice is ok but only about 8oz

water is best, but I like crystal light


same as above


60 grams of carbs

2.5 servings of protein

as much veggies as you want except anything that has carbs like potatoes (they have to be counted as your carb intake)

fruits 1 serving of any one fruit medium size (not packed in syrup)

juice is ok but only about 8oz

water is best but I like crystal light

Also look at the sugar grams of your foods. It shouldnt be more that 10 grams per serving and then look at the serving. I try not to go over 15 grams of sugar per serving but the smaller the number of grams the better. Also take into account the much does the sugar account for the carbs...if its more than half then the products is really not good for you.

Im going to use to help me plan my meals..and Im using the healthy meal link. I will maybe make some soul comforting foods *you know the ones that have high in fat meal* but maybe once a week or a month. We will get a free day...Im choosing Sunday where I can eat whatever i want.

I will be working out...and I will post what Im going to do and I will promise to make sure I post my excersis intake during the day.

So there you go..let me know if your with me!!! I will start Monday...hey I have to plan my menu and go grocery shopping!! NO JUNK FOOD!! Go shopping NOT HUNGRY! ok there you go.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It may be cold outside but LOVE can keep you warm! BOGO SALE

Well at least I think so. I am a hopeless romantic. I love movies that have to do with hard relationships that work out in the end. My favorite movies so far...Pride and Prejudice and Hes Just Not Than Into You. There are others but then this blog post will turn into a movie review instead. So its no wonder why I love Valentines day. I mean sure all year round, just like Christmas, we should put our loved ones at the top of our list. It makes man and woman really think about their loved one and makes them put REAL thought into giving to them and putting them first.

Well I started pretty early, well not early enough, and I have already listed a few headbands for Valentines day. I am getting my silk screens prepped for valentines day shirts and outfits, bags and more! is a deal. Right now I have 20 fans on my FB business page. If you can help me expand my fan base..the person who is # 50 and the person who referred my 50th fan will get a FREE VALENTINES DAY SHIRT! Its called Love Around the will see it soon! Also for all the fans...A BOGO SALE!!! What kind of one will know till we get to 50 fans.

So come the 50th customer and the person who refers the 50th customer so EVERYONE can enjoy a BOGO sale and you two will get a FREE shirt!