Thursday, January 7, 2010

It may be cold outside but LOVE can keep you warm! BOGO SALE

Well at least I think so. I am a hopeless romantic. I love movies that have to do with hard relationships that work out in the end. My favorite movies so far...Pride and Prejudice and Hes Just Not Than Into You. There are others but then this blog post will turn into a movie review instead. So its no wonder why I love Valentines day. I mean sure all year round, just like Christmas, we should put our loved ones at the top of our list. It makes man and woman really think about their loved one and makes them put REAL thought into giving to them and putting them first.

Well I started pretty early, well not early enough, and I have already listed a few headbands for Valentines day. I am getting my silk screens prepped for valentines day shirts and outfits, bags and more! is a deal. Right now I have 20 fans on my FB business page. If you can help me expand my fan base..the person who is # 50 and the person who referred my 50th fan will get a FREE VALENTINES DAY SHIRT! Its called Love Around the will see it soon! Also for all the fans...A BOGO SALE!!! What kind of one will know till we get to 50 fans.

So come the 50th customer and the person who refers the 50th customer so EVERYONE can enjoy a BOGO sale and you two will get a FREE shirt!

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