Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Houston...we have a problem!!

Yes, for the past month or so, we have been having computer problems. First my BUSINESS computer dies, then Marty gets me this little bitty notebook but this computer is for light use not daily torture from me. Then the desk top we have is comparable to a 150 yr old person! Its running slow as molasses on a cold winters morning, then again it also runs on Windows 2000, yeah I told you it was old. So we are closing down the store for a while. I found a computer, desk top that is..that has 3 Terabytes of memory 1 whole terabytes dedicated to gaming, graphics and video!! How freaking awesome is that?! The computer alone, not keyboard no monitor, nothing, is just over 1k...that's alright, I just need the computer, I have a pretty good monitor...I just need a good computer where I can edit my photos, where it can handle my daily abuse and ask for MORE!!!

For now, I have to keep you guys updated on this with either my old geezer or my slacker computer...not to mention that I also need to figure out how to do my homework... both computers have a love hate relationship with the Internet! so for now...Rosa Dolce Designs will be closing its doors...just for a moment, until we can gather all of our stuff back up and provide you with great items again.

I am also working on making it a bit different. The name might change so be on the look out for that.

Have a blessed day!

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