Monday, May 17, 2010

COUPONS...and more money???

So its been a while, huh?  Yup...still haven't bought that new computer I want.  Money has been tight around here and that got me thinking.  I remembered I had seen a woman who was put to the test with her couponing skills on the Today Show. She and the reporter had the same shopping list.  They were to do their best at saving money.  So OFF THEY GO! When they tallied up the grand total...the reporter paid 80+ bucks on her items, the coupon lady...$1 BUCK!!!!  They had the same items, all the other lady did was use coupons and other deals.  

I was amazed.  I told Marty and he thought it was a gimic...said "DONT WASTE YOUR TIME HUN" Later, though that same woman came out on the news.  Again she was put to the test at a supermarket. Same items, same list.  Reporter paid just about lady, under a buck!!!!! MARTY'S WAS FLOORED!!!  Thing was we were so into the segment that I forgot to catch the name of the woman.  I wanted to know more.  She gives "university" classes on couponing...she shows you how she saves so much money.

I happened to find her AT LAST because of Facebook.  One of my friends on my list posted an update on something about this lady and I went there RIGHT AWAY.  She has her "classes" online too!  I cant wait to see how it all works.  Now I know you think "oh its just junk you wont need"  well really she said no...not really.  So Im gonna give it a go.  We need to cut back on our expenses and if I can cut my grocery bill in half...then why not try it...right?  There is nothing you have to buy to learn her methods...just maybe a little folder to save up your coupons...and the only thing spent is a little bit of time watching her videos.  

Interested?? Well I posted a link on the side bar of my blog over there ------> Its under MONEY SAVING QUEEN.  Check it some cash and put it to better use.  Let me know how its going for you.  Ill try to keep yall posted on how my progress is going.  Its gonna be a challenge cause you do need to put away at least 30 min to an hour to start this off.  She says after a while of doing it, you can actually cut that time down to half .... when you become a "pro".  I dont mind...whats an hour to save some really good cash???  Check it out.  

Another thing I want to touch up on now that we are talking about coupons.  If you have the HTC My Touch or the market...dont know if its available for itouch ipod users...check out the app called The Coupons App.  They send you the price of the average cost of gas in your area.  They send you coupons available at stores that are probably near you.  Right now it says you can get a free $12 signature item with any $10 spend at Bath and Body works.  Its pretty cool.  To get more coupons you do have to subscribe to it monthly is .99 cents and yearly is 10.00...not bad for some serious savings.  Check both out! Let me know what you think?

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