Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy over here!

So your probably wondering what all those un-titled posts are about??? Well, they are savings, coupons, deals things you might be intrested in.  From food to clothing to groceries.  Im sending them to you with love <3<3<3 LOL.  I have an app on my phone called "THE COUPONS APP" on my phone you can find it on the Android Market.  I have an HTC Fender LTD edition phone.  Im sure you can get it for the other touch phones too.  However, there are a lot of deals out there to be found.  There was a 20% off coupon for ANY Bath and Body works item.  Another one was a dozen free wings at a wings place ONLY if you tried them with one of their new flavors.

So if you see an UN-TITLED might want to check it might be some deal to take the family out to eat.  It could be a "free" panty from Victorias Secret...something cool.

So now today I went to Family Dollar to get some savings.  I pulled out my coupons binder and tried to see if I could get more deals.  I knew what I was going there for. Here is what I got...only 2 things...but still

LA Looks 20oz gel sells for 2.25
manufacturer cpn. -1.00
in store cpn. -.50
Making that gell only .75 cents

Charmin 2.25
manufacturer cpn. -1.00
making paper only 1.25

There is another deal (well here in Laredo, might be a regional thing)
Airwick Spray is on Sale for onnly 1.00
online here you can download an IP coupon
for a buy 2 get $1. off
That makes each spray only .50 cents!!!  Not a bad deal huh???  So print as many as you can. and stock up!

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