Monday, May 24, 2010

Family Dollar Match Ups

Went to Family dollar today just went for 2 items looked for other deals...these are the only 2 I got

LA Looks 20 oz 2.25
-1.00 5/23/10 SS (I think) myabe RP
-.50 in store coupon here

Charmin Basic 4 Big Squeez 2.25
- 1.00 P&G mailer

Paid with tax

Ok went back after I actually sat down and took a look at some coupons I is the break down for my second trip. I have to get better with what coupons from what insert I Im so sorry. Just know they are all from either SS or RP 5/23/10 inserts unless otherwise noted.

Suave Deoderant 1.00
-.50 5/23/10 SS

2 Airwick Aerosol 1.00 ea.
- 1-buy 2 get $1 off IP coupon go to The Karzy Coupon Lady and look for Airwick Aerosol
= .50 each aerosol

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes 2.50
- $1.00

Sun 2X Luandry Detergent 29loads 2.00
-.50 5/23/10

Secret Deodorant 1.50

2 Suave Body Washes 12 oz $2.00 eac
- 1 B1G1
= $1.00 ea bottle (this coupon did have a stipulation on it. Limit was the free one had to be 2.00 or less so I got 2 bottles that were exactly $2.00 ea)

Total before coupons was 13.00 before tax
after coupons 6.50 before tax... Im liking this couponing thing!!!

Although the guy, who Im guessing worked all day long there cause he was there at 9 am and was still there at nearly 7 pm, looked at me like I was trying to steal. I was a bit offended. I guess hes never see anyone with so many coupons before...geesh man, the stores gonna get its money either from my pocket or the manufacturers pocket...oh well, Im still happy and dancing here!!! hehehe

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