Monday, May 31, 2010

I feel the winds of inspiration passing by

I have to say, I closed my little shop because I just didnt feel it anymore.  I wasnt getting into what I was doing at all, it almost seamed like a chore to me.  Well, I have been given the breath of new inspiration again.  I dont know what it was, dont know what did it, but Ive been feeling the want to get into it again.  Ive been watching youtube a lot the soap queen channel, and it has given me more ideas as to what I can do.  I am getting my new washer this Wed, and I will wash most of my fabrics and prep them to be sewn into something wonderful.  Im gonna scale down my inventory...and just carry some stuff.  My new categories? Im still sticking to bows...I love ribbon.  but with ribbon I will also be making some shoe laces that can be customized for your little ones...BOYS OR GIRLS.

Im also going to include basic soaps and candles.  Im gonna give the whole cold processed soap making a go...but for now only Melt and Pour and French Milled soaps for now.

Ill keep you posted.

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