Saturday, May 22, 2010

It was just a pebble in a large lake

My couponing made a little itty bitty ripple in the large lake of life and budget.  Hmmm...I cant say I am dissapointed so much that I can say it.  We hadnt gone grocery shopping in almost 3 weeks...and we are a LARGE FAMILY of 6.  There was more that I needed than I had coupons for.  Either way, it did something.  At Target I bought a lot of stuff and I had a savings of just almost 60.00.  HEB had almost all the coupons I had in hand tagged to the items themselves.  Problem for me was...they were all "M" coupons not "S" coupons.  Either way, they had a better deal for the cereal.  I had a coupon for GM cereals "buy 2 get a $1.00 off" coupon.  HEB had a $1.00 off each box I was able to save more money there than my coupon was going to give me.  HEB I saved also just a bit over 30.00.

Still, I need to learn more. I know Im a green horn, wet behind the ears type couponer.  So I went to our Public Library and check out Sarah's book Im gonna read it and Im gonna live it at least give it all summer.  I know its time consuming but hey I have to believe it will work.  Shes a faith based person and I give my life to the Lord...I leave it in his hands.  I also believe that I have to be the one to put things in motion cause GOD can only do so much for me.  I must want it, he will help me attain it.  Im not the guy in the flood who turns away 3 rescue attempts by car, boat and helicopter saying " No thank you GOD will save me"  then he drowns in the flood and when he gets to GOD he says "HEY GOD WHY DIDNT YOU SAVE ME I BELIEVED IN YOU!" God said "HEY BUDDY! I sent you a car, a boat, and a helicopter...what else did you want?!!!" No...thats not me...Im not that man.  So yes...I will stick with it.  I have my budget all set out for the next 2 months...with room to wiggle for the girls cheer stuff.

One more thing... I will be posting more often to bring you deals around, well I guess the U.S.  So follow me on twitter, facebook, and here.  I will post them up on all the places. You will see more of me here than you probably care to!!! hahahaha...ok well then have a very blessed weekend.  I have to go tend to my poor sick Rebekah and my sick hubby.  GOD BLESS!

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