Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Coupon Binder is DONE!!! TADA!!!

I spent most of this morning putting it together...and organizing it.  ITS SO PUURRTTYY!!!!  HEHEHEHE granted I dont have many coupons in there, but enough for things I actually need! Here its my binder...

 here is the front part of it...I have what someone else suggested, a calculator, scissors, pens and pencils.

here I have the policy of all the stores I frequent a they dont give me any lip!

 here are the tabs that divide all of the coupons from each im not looking around and looking like a fool at the counter while the other customers are giving me the death look, snarling at me and stomping their feet.

So was worth it...cause now I see what I can get for nearly next to I have a Man. coupon there for Dawn...and a Family Dollar coupon for dawn...hell yeah!!!  That sucker is MINE!!!

Have you checked out the site I told you about...??? huh, have ya?  you should...honestly.  People always complain how the dollar does not go far these days.  Well sweetie...your gonna have to find a way to stretch that dollar and its not just gonna fall on your lap like GODS good grace! Your gonna have to work for it and really do your homework.  I mean if you dont like to do that and dont mind spending a whole lotta money then hey, who am I to say anything..its your money.  ME...I have 4 kids who love their Im gonna cut corners ANYWAY I  can find.

After this...Im gonna post a cool check it out!

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