Thursday, May 20, 2010

My second source secret...shhhh...Im gonna share with ya!

Ok Ive been hard at work...I think Im going cross eyed! OY! but you know what, I found a ton of coupons that I can pair up with store coupons thats good! Saves me more money.  Im gonna share the other place with you.

You already know of, yeah the link is over -------> there! Under .  So now Im gonna bring you...drum roll please: The Krazy Coupon Lady OMG...SHES GOT A SWARM OF COUPONS!!!  I found a ton of them there...if not almost 100% of my coupons there!  Still gotta find others to match up to my other store coupons..but for now Im good!  Still you have to check it. I hope your giving it a try.  Ok tomorrow will be my big embargo to Target with all my matched up coupons.  I will come back and give you my Total and what I actually paid...I am hoping its worth it cause I only have a budget of 175.00 for groceries this week.  GEESH THATS A TIGHT BUDGET! Ok well then its night night for now...see ya tomorrow.

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