Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We are hopping along...end of school is near!

Have you checked out the venues I mentioned on my last blog post?  If not...WHY NOT?  lol...seriously, if you want to save money you do need to think about couponing...for most of your least watch her videos.  It gives you some good advice and insight on other things...not just groceries.
I have already gone to the point where I have my coupon binder all set up.  Its not complete yet, I have to go and find some baseball card know they are like sheet protectors but instead hold up to 4 "trading" cards in there across and about another 4 down.  Yeah I need a few of those.  I need to go to Best Buy and check out that computer Ive been wanting and search for it online.  See if there isnt some kind of rebate, sales coupon, something on it. I want to pay as little as possible for it.
Hey so now...if you have girls then you might know the store Justice.  I love that store. Rebekah seemed to have outgrown that style or shes just not into the sweet dainty "princess" look my 3 other girls like.  Still she loves the jeans and shorts there. Well, Im not sure if they are still doing this, but its worth a shot to go ask.  Sign up for membership there.  Its like a rewards card.  You pay, I believe 25.00 for the year.  Then when you go shopping...even if there are NO 15,30 or their famous 40% off will always ALWAYS get 30% off with that membership card...NO MATTER WHEN OR WHAT TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!  SWEET HUH!? So everything in the store is regular sales going on...Mama Joe over there is gonna pay full price for all those cloths little missy however will be saving up a whole 30% off.  NOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN WHEN THERE IS A SALE? dont get an extra 30% on top of that 40% off sale they are getting. You get an extra 5%.  THATS ALMOST 50% OFF!!!!  Even clearance items!!! Nice huh?  They still qualify for the Justice buck they offer now and then.  I mean I stock up on nearly 500.00 worth of cloths and I only pay 55% of 500.00 yeah I like that! Then I get my Justice bucks too!!!  SWEET!
Then you go and spend your justice bucks load up...if you have your 25.00 bucks you know you spend 50, pay 25.  Spend 100, pay 50 (only if you have two of those 25.00 bucks) and so forth.  Ive gotten up to 4 of those in the past.  Well, you can STILL use your membership card to save even more bucks!  Just remember the entire total has to ring up what the card says you have to spend...thats fine with me...but if you think about it you will buy a LOT MORE...for a lot less! Ok done talking savings.
Well enough about coupons for now...although I LOVE LOVE LOVE saving money. END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR IS ALMOST HERE!!! crazy huh?  Rebekah and Erykah tried out for the middle school cheer team.  Keep in mind this is a very intense squad.  They are 3 time national winners AT THE HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL! These girls perform at levels most high school teams can not accomplish. Yeah...they both made it! So they are excited.  Two sisters on one team thats gonna be fun...hmm? This coming year will be Rebekahs 8th grade year! YIKES where has the time gone.  Yesterday, I came across some photos my mom and dad have of Rebekah when she was 2 years old.  I remember that day.  We were living in Killeen and there was a petting zoo at the civic center there.  We took Bekah and Erykah (they were the only ones then) to the zoo.  There was some fire trucks there as well.  Rebekah was on a truck with a plastic kids fire helmet on.  OMG...I wanted to cry.  My baby is growing up so fast.  Rebekah started to laugh at me...she said "Mom Ill always be your baby" .  I know, but I MISS my baby.  *sigh* So yeah...this next year will be Rebekahs 8th grade year and she will turn 13.  After that...HIGH SCHOOL! I always said I would be the first to open the door and say BYE BYE to the girls when its time for them to go to college, but as that time gets closer and closer...Im not so sure anymore.  I mean Im not gonna be that type of mom that will guilt their child into staying at home for MY benefit.  NO WAY...but yes..thinking about the near future...well lets just say makes me really drink up the days I have with them right now.
Well, thats my daily rant for today.  I might come back and post some more.  Im want to keep this up.  2 days in a row already WOW! LOL...maybe come back during the day and post up some deals I find on the internet and FB.  Stuff my buddies are doing.  I will start work here not a "real" job, I mean getting my hand dirty with my fabrics and ribbons.  I will be working on 4th of July stuff and summer be on the look out for that.  HAVE A BLESSED DAY EVERYONE!

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