Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moving? Keep this in mind.

We just moved to a bigger better house.  We gained just over 1000 sqft! So moving was a no brainer.  We have more room to spread out, the girls are not all on each other...and we are more at harmony.  Here's the thing...this was our first "CIVILIAN MOVE".  These are things that totally caught me of guard, even Marty.  So if you haven't done a move, or your going from military to civilian life after SO MANY YEARS...learn from us.

When you change over your services i.e. water, sewer, garbage, electricity, and so forth...know that you may get charged transfer fees.  Also realized...that once you are moved into your new home, you will get a double bill. You will get the final bill for the previous home and the new bill for your new home.  For example...I just received our final bill for our old house.  2 days later we got the bill for our new house (it included the transfer fees)  Its a bit on the stress level of 8.5 because now I have a nearly $400.00 bill...but still, I don't mind, I like our new home...and I'm glad we moved.  I'm just putting this out there for those of you who are moving and are wondering how this whole transfer of services will work.  Normally that's how it works.  OH AND ONE MORE THING...before you may need to clear any balance you have.  Example:  I had to go an pay my bill at the our city utilities place.  I paid over 100 bucks to clear all that I get a over 100 dollar bill as my final bill??? Really?  I have to call them, but make sure you have everything in order in case anything like this happens.  I think they just made a mistake.  OK well, its been over 2 weeks already and I'm still unpacking.  Ill update you as often as I can.  PEACE LOVE AND CHICKEN GREASE!

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